Ndoa ya Nandy na Billnas | Major Events (Photos & Video)


Ndoa ya Nandy na Billnas | Major Events (Photos & Video). A Tanzanian singer, Nandy is officially married with her longtime lover and fellow artist Billnass. Nandy and  Billnass taking the oath in Dar es Salaam at an event attended by few guests.

Ndoa ya Nandy na Billnas
Ndoa ya Nandy na Billnas

The Hallelujah singer stunned in a white dress and tiara, while Billnass wore a white and black tuxedo. After the ceremony, the two took the road to Mbezi. Beach stopping with their caravan of expensive cars

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Nandy and Billnas Wedding Ceremony

Watch the Video Below

Nandy is a singer and songwriter from Tanzania. In 2017 she won the All Africa Music Awards in the group of best female artists from East Africa


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