5 Job vacancies at Mtwara-Mikindani _ Watendaji wa Vijiji


Job vacancies at Mtwara-Mikindani. Mtwara-Mikindani is a name that is a combination of two words which are Mtwara and Mikindani.. These two parts that is Mtwara and Mikindani were famous centers where each one came from its reasons. The word “Ntwara” which is currently Mtwara is a Makonde word meaning of ku-tawaliwa (invaded and taken captive). Later this area became the home of Arabs and other people who were captured as slaves and sold.

Job vacancies at Mtwara-Mikindani
Job vacancies at Mtwara-Mikindani

The word Mikindani is derived from the word Mikinda, which means the area where coconut trees do not grow/thrive well. The real inhabitants of this area are Wamakonde, Wayao and Wamakua. 75% of the people of Mtwara are Makonde, followed by Wayao and finally Makua. As usual in other regions of Tanzania, there are other people who live in Mtwara.

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The history of the establishment of the full authority of the Mtwara-Mikindani Municipal Council began in 1948, during the period of the colonial rule, they moved the Port of Mtwara from Mikindani where it was previously.

5 Job vacancies at Mtwara-Mikindani _ Watendaji wa Vijiji

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