Job vacancies at Wanging’ombe District. Wanging’ombe District is one of the Districts of Njombe Region. It was established in March 2012 before that it was part of Njombe Rural District. The name Wanging’ombe is derived from the name of the village of Wanging’ombe which is located in Wanging’ombe county. The headquarters of Wanging’ombe District is located in Igwachanya village in Igwachanya ward.

Job vacancies at Wanging'ombe District

Job vacancies at Wanging’ombe District

Wanging’ombe district has an area of ​​3440.54 square kilometers, with 161816 people according to the 2012 census. The residents of Wanging’ombe district are Wabena, Wakinga, Wahehe and people of different tribes.

Wanging’ombe District has 3 Divisions, 21 Wards and 108 Villages. The ecology of Wanging’ombe District is divided into two groups, there are areas of the cold zone and the warm zone.

As a result of this ecology, the residents of Wanging’ombe are engaged in the cultivation of food crops which are corn, sorghum, round potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, groundnuts, wheat, pulses and peas and commercial crops such as coffee, tea, sunflower, pareto and peanuts as well as Animal Husbandry. Along with agricultural activities, the cattle residents are also engaged in beekeeping, cattle, goat and chicken breeding as well as small businesses.

4 Job vacancies at Wanging’ombe District _ Drivers 

The Chief Executive Officer of the Wanging’ombe District Council welcomes job applications from Tanzanians with skills, ability and willingness to work in the W帖ya Council of Wanging’ ask to fill the position as follows:-,

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