Job vacancies at Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB) _ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (1)



Job vacancies at Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB). Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB) is one of the oldest bank in Tanzania tracing its history since 1925 when Tanganyika was under British Rule and was then known as Tanganyika Postal Office Savings Bank (TPOSB). It later became a Savings Bank under the then East African Post and Telecommunications Corporation which ceased to operate after the collapse of the East African Community and led to the formation of The Tanzania Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (TP&TC).

Job vacancies at Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC
Job vacancies at Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC


The Tanzania Post Office Savings Bank was formed under TP&TC and continued its operations until 1991 when it was transformed into a separate entity from TP&TC as Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB) by The Act of Parliament No. 11 of 1991 which was repealed in 2015.

In 2016 the bank was incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap 212) as TPB Bank PLC and in 2018 TPB Bank PLC was merged with Twiga Bancorp Limited and Tanzania Women’s Bank Limited. In 2021, TIB Corporate Bank Limited and TPB Bank PLC were merged to form Tanzania Commercial Bank Plc (TCB). Over the years TCB has been transformed into one of the largest and most profitable commercial bank in Tanzania.

Job vacancies at Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB) _ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

On behalf of The Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB), Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) invites dynamic, proactive, experienced and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill one (1) vacant post of the Chief Executive Officer of Tanzania Commercial Bank PLC (TCB).


  • EMPLOYER: Tanzania Commercial Bank
  • APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-08-24 2022-09-13


i. Coordinating the supervision of the activities of the bank and ensuring that they comply with country laws, BOT regulations and Guidelines, internal policies and procedures, Board directives and generally accepted banking practices;


ii. Managing the day to day operations of the bank so as to ensure that the bank operates within sound commercial principles;

iii. Leading the management team in supervising the implementation of the Bank’s Strategic Plan and ensuring that the targets set therein are achieved;

iv. Ensuring the Annual Business Plan is prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval and the operations of the bank are in conformity with the approved business plan;

v. Ensuring that the annual budgets are prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval for every ensuing year and that the bank operations are conducted within the approved budget;

vi. Ensuring the bank performance reports including progress reports on the financial performance and staff development are prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors quarterly;

vii. Ensuring the financial accounts of the bank are audited every year and reports submitted to the Board of Directors in accordance with the requirements of the law;

viii. Ensuring various Policies and Programs for management of operational risks, credit risks, liquidity risks, foreign exchange risks and any other inherent risks are put in place and implemented accordingly;

ix. Supervising recruitment, performance evaluation, promotion or disciplining of employees whose recruitment are within the powers of Management;

x. Monitoring the effectiveness of the Organization Structure of the bank and proposing to the Board of Directors changes when deemed necessary;

xi. Building effective working relationship with Government leaders, Regulatory Bodies and Business Partners in the market;

xii. Motivating, coaching and developing high performance teams; and

xiii. Undertaking any other duties that may arise as assigned by the Board of Directors or as a result of government policy and strategic directions.


Master’s Degree in the following fields: – Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Economics, Marketing, Law or Entrepreneurship from a recognized Institution. Holding a PhD in any of the above fields will be an added advantage.




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