Job Vacancies at TIB Development Bank _ MANAGING DIRECTOR (I Post)



Job Vacancies at TIB Development Bank. TIB Development Bank, formerly known as Tanzania Investment Bank (TIB), is the first Development Finance Institution (DFI) established by the Government of Tanzania in 2005. Tracing its history, the bank was established in 1970 charged with the responsibility of facilitating development finance and industrialization policy by providing medium and long-term development finance and investment in the areas of infrastructure and productive sectors of the economy such as commercial agriculture, manufacturing, processing, construction, transport, tourism and mining sectors.

Over time, the Tanzanian government, the sole shareholder in TIB, re-capitalized the bank, re-vamped its strategic development plans and re-structured its management.


Job Vacancies at TIB Development Bank
Job Vacancies at TIB Development Bank

Job Vacancies at TIB Development Bank _ MANAGING DIRECTOR

On behalf of TIB Development Bank, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) invites dynamic, proactive, experienced and suitable qualified Tanzanians to fill one (1) vacant post of the Managing Director of TIB Development Bank.

  • EMPLOYER: TIB Development Bank Limited
  • APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-08-24 2022-09-13



i. Steering the modernization of TIB Development and preparing the bank to operate in the new economy (the digital economy) as the wave of 4th Industrial Revolution sweeps in;

ii. Managing the bank’s relationship with key stakeholders and capital providers in government and other institutional investors;


iii. Managing the bank’s extension of project financing loans and equity investments to all entities implementing development projects and special purpose investment vehicles for environmentally-friendly projects;

iv. Re-defining the bank’s culture and building a premier institution within the United Republic of Tanzania that will be the “go-to” institution for our development and industrial financing needs;

v. Ensuring bank’s compliance to relevant Rules and Regulations pertaining to the operations of the Development Finance Institutions;

vi. Advising and informing the Board of Directors on progress made in implementing the bank’s strategic plans and operational status of the bank;

vii. Overseeing the process of designing, promoting and delivery of relevant, quality and appropriate products and services for the market;

viii. Managing the utilization of the bank’s resources within approved parameters, Guidelines, Policies, Laws and Regulations;

ix. Maintaining a positive and strong brand image of the bank to all its stakeholders and the general public at large;

x. Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the bank by maintaining cost effective operational environment, expanding the bank’s activities, programs and services optimally;

xi. Coordinating and managing all Directorates and Departments reporting to the Managing Director;

xii. Understanding, undertaking mapping and engaging the bank’s internal and external stakeholders and developing a workable strategy for each in order to maintain a positive working relationship with all;

xiii. Establishing, implementing and enforcing a robust bank-wide risk management framework, systems, policies and procedures aiming to continuously identify, manage and control operational, market, credit and other business-related risks;

xiv. Supervising and managing the performance of all Directors and Head of Departments by setting, agreeing and assessing performance objectives and targets as well as key performance indicators on an annual basis;

xv. Reporting and appraising the Board of Directors on the bank’s performance through submission of quarterly and annual financial reports and performance reports; and

xvi. Undertaking any other duties that may arise as assigned by the Board of Directors or as a result of government policy and strategic directions


Master’s Degree in the following fields: – Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Economics, Marketing, Law or Entrepreneurship from a recognized Institution. Holding a PhD in any of the above fields will be an added advantage




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