TAMISEMI Council Loan Makes 8 youth open their own dispensary


TAMISEMI Council Loan Makes 8 youth open their own dispensary.  Eight young people open a clinic through TAMISEMI council loan.

TAMISEMI Council Loan

Eight young people who are health experts and one lawyer from the Dar es Salaam City have employed themselves by opening a dispensary through a council loan.

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The dispensary has been opened in Kipunguni Mkolemba Ilala District Council after being given 110 million shillings which is part of the loan from the collection of 10 percent of the council’s income.

Among these young people there are two doctors, one pharmacist, two laboratory experts, two nurses and one lawyer where yesterday their clinic was officially launched by the Member of Parliament for Ukonga State, Hon. Jerry Silaa.

How to get TAMISEMI Council Loan

TAMISEMI has officially started using the System to provide loans of 10% of the local income of the Council to Women, Youth and people with disabilities.



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