20 Job vacancies at Mkulazi Holding Company Limited (MHCL) _ Various Posts


Job vacancies at Mkulazi Holding Company Limited (MHCL), Mkulazi Holding Company Limited (MHCL) incorporated on 6th September 2016. MHCL is currently owned jointly by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Prison Corporation Sole (PCS). Establishment of the Company is in line with the implementation of the second Five Year Development Plan (FYDP II) aiming at ensuring that Tanzania becomes industrialized and middle-income economy (Tanzania ya Viwanda) by the year 2025. MHCL is implementing two Sugar projects which targets to produce 250,000 MT of sugar per annun. Job vacancies at Mkulazi Holding Company Limited

One of these projects is known as Mkulazi I Sugar Production Project which will be implemented on farm No.217 located in Mkulazi, Morogoro Rural District. The targeted production for Mkulazi I is to produce 200,000MT of sugar per annum. Another project is Mkulazi II which is being implemented at Mbigiri, Kilosa District in Morogoro Region. This project aims at producing 50,000MT of sugar per annum once fully operational. To produce and supply Quality Sugar and related Products consistently and efficiently in Local and Regional Markets. To become the largest integrated Sugar Company in East and Central Africa.

20 Job vacancies at Mkulazi Holding Company Limited (MHCL) _ Various Posts

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The company wishes to invite competent, qualified, experienced and dedicated young Tanzanians to fill in the vacancy positions. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT ATTACHED BELOW:


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