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Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022 pdf, ratiba ya kombe la dunia Qatar 2022, Ratiba world cup 2022 | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 schedule, Kombe la dunia 2022. The World Football Association (in the French Fédération Internationale de Football Association, abbreviated FIFA) is an international football governing body. Legal is a private organization registered in Switzerland. The headquarters are in Zurich. President Joseph Blatter [1] has ruled for 18 years before releasing Gianni Infantino, a Swiss national. Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura of Senegal is its Secretary General. (Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022)

FIFA manages international competitions, especially the FIFA World Cup as a special tournament for both men and women. FIFA was founded in 1904 in Paris, France and in 2015 has 208 national member organizations. The official languages are English, French, German and Spanish.

Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022

Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022, The 2022 FIFA World Cup begins on Nov. 21 for the first ever winter edition of the competition set for Qatar. The action runs through the final on Dec. 18, but action begins on Nov. 20. Following the draw on April 1 and the intercontinental playoff winners in June in Doha, the complete match schedule is now known as the field is officially complete. Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022 pdf.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 schedule |Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022

Ratiba ya kombe la dunia 2022 Qatar

Sunday 20th November

  • Qatar 16:00 Ecuador

Monday 21st November

  • England 13:00 Iran
  • Senegal 16:00 Netherlands
  • United States of America 19:00 Wales

Tuesday 22nd November

  • Argentina 13:00 Saudi Arabia
  • Denmark 16:00 Tunisia
  • Mexico 19:00 Poland
  • France 22:00 Australia

Wednesday 23rd November

  • Morocco 10:00 Croatia
  • Germany 13:00 Japan
  • Spain 16:00 Costa Rica
  • Belgium 19:00 Canada

Thursday 24th November

  • Switzerland 13:00 Cameroon
  • Uruguay 16:00 Korea Republic
  • Portugal 19:00 Ghana
  • Brazil 22:00 Serbia

Friday 25th November

  • Wales 13:00 Iran
  • Qatar 16:00 Senegal
  • Netherlands 19:00 Ecuador
  • England 22:00 United States of America

Saturday 26th November

  • Tunisia 13:00 Australia
  • Poland 16:00 Saudi Arabia
  • France 19:00 Denmark
  • Argentina 22:00 Mexico

Sunday 27th November

  • Japan 13:00 Costa Rica
  • Belgium 16:00 Morocco
  • Croatia 19:00 Canada
  • Spain 19:00 Germany

Monday 28th November

  • Cameroon 10:00 Serbia
  • Korea Republic 13:00 Ghana
  • Brazil 16:00 Switzerland
  • Portugal 19:00 Uruguay

Tuesday 29th November

  • Ecuador 15:00 Senegal
  • Netherlands 15:00 Qatar
  • Iran 19:00 United States of America
  • Wales 19:00 England

Wednesday 30th November

  • Australia 15:00 Denmark
  • Tunisia 15:00 France
  • Poland 19:00 Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia 19:00 Mexico

World Cup 2022 Fixture December

Thursday 1st December

  • Canada 15:00 Morocco
  • Croatia 15:00 Belgium
  • Costa Rica 19:00 Germany
  • Japan 19:00 Spain

Friday 2nd December

  • Ghana 15:00 Uruguay
  • Korea Republic 15:00 Portugal
  • Cameroon 19:00 Brazil
  • Serbia 19:00 Switzerland

Saturday 3rd December

  • Group A Winner 15:00 Group B Second Place
  • Group C Winner 19:00 Group D Second Place

Ratiba ya Kombe La Dunia Robo Fainali 2022

  • Croatia vs Brazil – Ijumaa, Desemba 9 (6PM)
  • Uholanzi vs Argentina- Ijumaa, Desemba 9 (10PM)
  • Morocco vs Ureno – Desemba 10 (6PM)
  • Uingereza vs Ufaransa – Desemba 10 (10PM)

Tuesday 13th December


13 Dec 2022


14 Dec 2022


17 Dec 2022

Play-off for third place

18 Dec 2022


Indonesian officials had not ruled out a bid for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, until Qatar was awarded the 2022 tournament. During the bidding process, all non-UEFA nations gradually withdrew their 2018 bids, thus guaranteeing that a UEFA nation would host the 2018 tournament and thereby making UEFA nations ineligible for the 2022 bid.
In the end, there were five bids for the 2022 FIFA World Cup: Australia, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, and the United States.

The twenty-two member FIFA Executive Committee convened in Zürich on 2 December 2010 to vote to select the hosts of both tournaments. Two FIFA executive committee members were suspended before the vote in relation to allegations of corruption regarding their votes.

The decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which was graded as having “high operational risk”, generated criticism from media commentators. It has been criticized by many as being part of the FIFA corruption scandals.


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