Matokeo ya Mapinduzi cup 2023


Matokeo ya Mapinduzi cup 2023, Matokeo ya Kombe la Mapinduzi Cup 2023, Simba na mlandege Leo Mapinduzi Cup 2023. Mapinduzi Cup is the first knockout championship in the islands of Zanzibar. Revolution in the sense of Revolution in recognition of the Zanzibar Revolution. Mapinduzi Cup is a competition created by the Zanzibar Football Federation to celebrate the day of the Zanzibar Revolution which is celebrated every year on January 12.

In the championship, the 12 teams that will compete are arranged in four groups of three teams each group which will give one winner to the semi-final stage.

The first semi-final will be played on January 8 and it will be – Leader of Group A against Leader of Group B. The second semi-final will be played on January 9 and it will be – Kinara Group C vs. Kinara Group D.

Matokeo ya Mapinduzi cup 2023
Matokeo ya Mapinduzi cup 2023

Matokeo ya Mapinduzi cup 2023

Check Out all Fixtures and scores of Mapinduzi Cup 2023 Zanzibar

January 01, 2023

  • Mlandege vs KVS
  • Malindi SC vs Jamhuri

January 02, 2023

  • Namungo vs Chipukizi
  • Singida Big Stars vs KMKM

January 03,2023

  • Azam FC 1 – 1 Malindi SC
  • Simba SC 0 – 1 Mlandege

January 04, 2023

  • Chipukizi v Aigle Noir
  • anga SC vs KMKM

January 05, 2023

  • Jamhuri vs Azam FC
  • KVZ vs Simba SC

January 06, 2023

  • Namungo v Aigle Noir
  • Yanga SC vs Singida Big Stars
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