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NIDA registration online 2023 | Jinsi ya Kujisajili, NIDA Tanzania online registration, NIDA online registration form, The National Identification Authority (NIDA) is responsible for registration and issuance of National Identification Cards to Tanzanian citizens and Legal residents. Legal residents are eligible for NIDA card if they are in possession of valid resident permit and valid passport that are not less than six months.

Legal Residents dependents of 18 years and above are also eligible to get the NIDA ID. NIDA ID is the first requirement for business registration in Tanzania
for Citizens. Legal residents can use their passports to register their business but they need NIDA ID for general identification. Application for NIDA ID can be done at NIDA offices located in all Districts, as well as at the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) for investors who are eligible to register with TIC.


NIDA registration online 2023
NIDA registration online 2023

NIDA registration online 2023

This service is for citizens who want to request for their National Idenfitification Number (NIN), Generate Control numbers for payments of ID replacements and print their bills.
Verification. This service allows NIDA stakeholders to download reconcilliation files recorded during customer verification through CIG.

Fahamu Namba ya NIDA (NIN)


A payment number (Control Number) is issued to customers who need to pay for services at the National Identity Authority (NIDA). This service is currently only available to citizens of Tanzania.
A payment number is currently provided to anyone in need of:

  • Paying for a lost or damaged ID to have another one made. The cost of this service is
  • Tsh 20,000/- if you are changing for the first time.
  • Tsh 30,000/- if you change for the second time.
  • Tsh 50,000/- if you change for the third time or more.
  • The subject wants to change the information that involves changing the National Identity Card.
  • Changing your NIDA information (For the instructions you will be given by NIDA officials).



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