Jinsi ya Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023



Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023, NIDA huduma kwa wateja 2023, Kupata Namba ya NIDA kwa sms, copy ya kitambulisho, copy ya kitambulisho download, id number, Namba ya NIDA kwa njia ya mtandao, Jinsi ya kupata picha ya kitambulisho cha taifa, jinsi ya kupata copy ya kitambulisho cha taifa kwa haraka. The idea of establishing National IDs for Tanzanian citizens and foreigners living in Tanzania was born in 1968 at the “Interstate Intelligence Gathering” meeting that included delegates from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. At that time the countries of Kenya and Zambia already had their National IDs. It was decided that in order to strengthen security relations based on the Rule of Law in the four countries, the countries of Uganda and Tanzania must also issue National Identity Cards to their citizens.

Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023
Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023



Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023

There have been various efforts by the Government to ensure that all Tanzanians and resident foreigners are provided with National Identity Cards, but these efforts could not produce the desired results for a long time due to various reasons. In 1986, the Government enacted the Identity Law, which was not implemented or formulated.
It is clear that at this time there is great importance to have National IDs according to the existing environment. The establishment of the East African Community where five countries have united and agreed that the people of those countries can visit each other without distraction has also increased the importance of having IDs. It should be noted that Tanzania is the only country in the Community that does not have National Identity Cards.

Jinsi ya Kupata namba ya NIDA kwa simu 2023

NIDA issues three types of IDs, which are citizen ID, resident alien ID, and refugee ID for those 18 years of age and older and living in the country legally.

National Identity Card

  • Its requirements:
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificates of basic education,
  • Passport
  • Certificate of secondary education (form iv and vi)
  • driver’s license
  • Health insurance card
  • Social security fund card
  • Voter’s card
  • Tax payer number (Tin. No)
  • Zanzibar resident ID
  • Letter from the Chairman of the local government

Namba ya NIDA kwa njia ya mtandao

Follow the steps Below to get your National Identity Number NIDA Online


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