Department of health KZN vacancies 2023, kzn health vacancies enrolled nurse, KZN mission is To develop and implement a sustainable, coordinated, integrated and comprehensive health system at all levels, based on the Primary Health Care approach through the District Health System, to ensure universal access to health care.

Department of health kzn vacancies 2023

Circular NumberVacancy Closing Date
G42/2022Chief Executive Officer: Level 12 Charles Johnson Memorial Hospital27/01/2023
G43/2022Chief Executive Officer: Level 12 Church of Scotland Hospital27/01/2023
G47/2022Personal Assistant: level 706/01/2023
G46/2022Vice principal (single nursing collage: quality assurance04/01/2023


District Office

Circular NumberVacancyDistrict OfficeClosing Date
KEAR01/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner- Kearsney clinicIlembe District Office03/02/2023
ILE09/2022AmendedSupply chain clerk supervisorIlembe District Office03/02/2023 
ILE10/2022Amended Finance clerk supervisorIlembe District Office03/02/2023 
UGU/DO/05/2022Re- AdvertisedSupply chain clerk supervisor UGU District Office27/01/2023
ZUL/SUPPL2/2022Assistant director: SCM (level 9)Zululand District Office15/01/2023
AMAJ16/2022NHI doctors required for PHC clinics Amajuba District KZNAmajuba District Office09/01/2023
ETH0301/2022District adherence facilitatoreThekwini District Office 06/01/2023
UMKH20/2022Human resource practitioner-labour relationsUmkhanyakude District Office 06/01/2023
AMAJ12/2022WithdrawnAdvanced district nursing professional (PHC)Amajuba District Office30/12/2022


Circular NumberVacancyHospitalClosing Date
NMH/THRT/2022Professional nurse specialty (theatre)Niemeyer Memorial Hospital07/02/2023
NMH/PN/02/2022Professional nurse specialty (advanced midwifery)Niemeyer Memorial Hospital07/02/2023
 ADDCAMP02/2023Lecturer (advanced diploma in midwifery: R1497)Addington Nursing Campus03/02/2023
 ADDCAMP01/2023Clinical lecturerAddington Nursing Campus03/02/2023
 KH01/2023Operational manager speciality (grade 1): Nomponjwana Clinic, Clinical nurse practitioner: Nomponjwana ClinicKwaMagwaza Hospital03/02/2023
OPM/PHC/GW1/2023Operational manager nursing PHC.
Operational manager general
professional nurse specialty (obstetrics & gynae).
Clinical nurse practitioner.
Administration clerk supervisor.
Eshowe Hospital 03/02/2023 
PMMH/HRD/2/10/22Assistant director: human resources management (level 9)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital03/02/2023
 PMMH/AD/SCM/1/12/22Assistant director: supply chain and asset management (level 9)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital03/02/2023
NDH27/2022Occupational therapist (grade 3)
Occupational therapist: technician (grade 1-2)
Northdale Hospital30/01/2023
EGUM01/2023Public relations officerE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital 27/01/2023 
EGUM02/2023Senior human resource practitioner: labour relationsE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital 27/01/2023 
EGUM03/2023Safety officerE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital 27/01/2023 
EGUM04/2023Employee assistance programme practitionerE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital 27/01/2023 
EGUM05/2023Facility information officerE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital27/01/2023 
MAD14/2022Operational nursing manager (Ingogo clinic).
Operational nursing manager (Madadeni clinic).
Professional nurse (specialty) (psych).
Professional nurse specialty critical care (ICU)
Assistant nursing manager (general) (medical)
Madadeni Hospital27/01/2023
NMH/OMN/PHC2/2022Operational manager nursing grade 1 – specialty PHCNiemeyer Memorial Hospital27/01/2023
PMMC06/2022Clinical Lecture (PND1/PND2)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Campus27/01/2023
PMMC07/2022Head of department (general nursing science)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Campus27/01/2023
GS86/2022Professional Nurse Specialty (child nursing science)Greys Hospital27/01/2023 
GS88/2022Professional Nurse Speciality (advanced midwifery and neonatal nursing scienceGreys Hospital27/01/2023 
GS87/2022Professional Nurse Speciality (Othopaedic)Greys Hospital27/01/2023 
GS89/2022Professional Nurse Speciality (critical care nursing science)Greys Hospital27/01/2023 
CL8/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner grade 1/2 (PHC stream) Gateway ClinicClairwood Hospital 27/01/2023
GS84/2022AmendedDeputy director: financial management (level 11)Greys Hospital 27/01/2023
GS85/2022AmendedDiagnostic RadiographerGreys Hospital 27/01/2023
 MS04/2023Senior human resource practitioner (labour relations) level 8Mseleni Hospital 24/01/2023
 MS03/2023Human resource officer – supervisor (practices) level 7Mseleni Hospital 24/01/2023
 MS02/2023Assistant Director: SystemsMseleni Hospital 24/01/2023
 MS01/2023Clinical nurse practitioner (PHC stream) Oqonweni and Mduku ClinicsMseleni Hospital 24/01/2023
 BETH14/2022DieticianBethesda Hospital20/01/2023
 BETH13/2022Supply chain clerk: supervisor (asset management)Bethesda Hospital20/01/2023
 PMMH/HROS/01/23Human resource officer (supervisor) (level 7) HR PracticesPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital20/01/2023
 PMMH/HRP/01/23Human resource practitioner (level 7) HR Practices / Recruitment and selectionPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital20/01/2023
 HLH02/2023Operational manager nursing (PHC)Hlabisa Hospital20/01/2023
 HLH01/2023Clinical manager (medical)Hlabisa Hospital20/01/2023
NDH29/2022Operational nursing manager (general stream) medical wardsNorthdale Hospital20/01/2023
THH01/2023Operational manager (speciality)Town Hill Hospital 20/01/2023
HRM36/2022Amended. Closing date extended


Lecturer: nursing speciality (critical care nursing science)
Lecturer: nursing speciality (advanced diploma in midwifery)Head of department: nursing speciality (advanced diploma in midwifery (1497)
King Edward Nursing College20/01/2023 
UMP24/2022Clinical manager- medicalUmphumulo Hospital 20/01/2023
UMP09/2022Operational manager specialty nursing stream (theatre).Operational manager specialty nursing stream (maternity) Operational manager- PHC stream (Maqumbi clinic). Operational manager- PHC stream (mobile clinic).
Operational manager general nursing steam.
Clinical nurse practitioner- PHC stream (mobile clinic).
Clinical nurse practitioner- PHC stream (ARV & TB).
Professional Nurse -Speciality nursing stream (Theatre).
Professional Nurse -Speciality nursing stream (Maternity).
Professional Nurse -Speciality nursing stream (Casualty/ OPD).
Professional Nurse -Speciality nursing stream (Paediatrics)Dentist.
Ultra Sonographer
Umphumulo Hospital 20/01/2023
KDHC01/2023Dental assistant (grade 1)
King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex18/01/2023
EKO05/2022Clinical Programme Co-ordinator (Quality assurance manager)
Diagnostic Radiographer.
Operational Manager General (OPD)
Operational Manager Nursing (Night Duty)
Operational Manager Speciality: Paediatric
Senior Finance management officer
Finance Clerk (Supervisor)
Senior Human Resource Practitioner: labour relations
Human resource Practitioner Level 7(HRD&Planning)
Food Service Manager Level 6
Ekombe District Hospital 15/01/2023
GJC28/2022Clinical Manager (HAST)GJ Crookes Hospital14/01/2023
GJC27/2022Senior finance management officerGJ Crookes Hospital14/01/2023
 CL&GMAN01/23Cleaning and grounds manager (level 7) Systems management services: cleaning and groundsPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital13/01/2023
 PMMH/SCM/DEMAND/1.12.22Supply chain management practitioner (level 7) Demand ManagementPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital13/01/2023
 PMMH/SCM/LOG&WARE/1.12.22Supply chain management practitioner (level 7): Logistics and warehouse managementPrince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital13/01/2023
UMZ08/2022Operational manager nursing (general stream) night dutyUmzimkhulu Psychiatric Hospital13/01/2023
SAP18/2022Safety Officer
Finance Clerk Supervisor (revenue section)
Administration Clerk Supervisor (patient admin)
Facility Information Officer
Human Resource Clerk Supervisor
Human Resource Practitioner (Labour and HRD and Planning)
St Apollinaris Hospital13/01/2023
EGUM06/2023Human resource practitioner (HRD&Planning)E.G & Usher Memorial Hospital13/01/2023 
EGUM07/2023Human resource officer (supervisor)- practicesE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital13/01/2023 
EGUM08/2023Supply management officerE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital13/01/2023 
EGUM09/2023Finance clerk (supervisor)- revenueE.G & Usher Memorial Hospital13/01/2023 
PMMH/SPEC/OG/01/22Professional nurse grade 1/2 (specialty advanced midwifery)Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital13/01/2023
KDHC21/2022OOperational manager nursing specialty (obstetrics  gynaecology)King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex 13/01/2023
BETH12/2022Chief Radiographer gr1Bethesda Hospital13/01/2023
CBH27/2022Professional nurse- specialty gr1 (operating theatre & SDU)Catherine Booth Hospital13/01/2023 
CBH26/2022Environmental Health Practitioner level 8Catherine Booth Hospital 13/01/2023
UMZ03/2022Amended. Closing date extended


Laundry managerHuman resources supervisor (practices)

Clinical programme co-ordinator (quality assurance)

Operational manager nursing (specialty stream)

Professional nurse (specialty stream)

Umzimkhulu Psychiatric Hospital11/01/2023
ADD/OM3/2022Operational manager nursing (night  duty)Addington Hospital 10/01/2023 
ADD/OM1/2022Operational manager nursing (speciality)Addington Hospital 10/01/2023 
SP/ORTHO1/2022Medical specialist grade 1,2Addington Hospital 10/01/2023 
ADD/DENTIST1/2022DentistAddington Hospital 10/01/2023
DPKISMH43/2022Operational Manager Nursing (Specialty) grade 1Professional nurse specialty (operating theatre)Dr Pixley Ka Isaka Seme Memorial Hospital 06/01/2023
MGMH29/2022Physiotherapy technician grade 1 & 2Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital06/01/2023
MGMH30/2022Physiotherapist grade 1Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital06/01/2023
PNS/NERHRO1/2022Amended. Closing date extendedProfessional Nurse Specialty grade 1,2 NephrologyAddington Hospital06/01/2023
SP/RAD1/2022Amended. Closing date extendedMedical Specialist: Radiology Addington Hospital06/01/2023 
SP/OBS&GYN1/2022Amended. Closing date extendedMedical Specialist: Obstetrics and gynecologyAddington Hospital06/01/2023 
HGRH42/2022Amended. Closing date extendedProfessional Nurse Specialty grade 1,2 Obstetrics & GynecologyProfessional Nurse Specialty grade 1,2 Critical care/trauma nursing science


Harry Gwala Regional Hospital06/012023 
CTH16/2022AmendedChief RadiographerChief PhysiotherapistCeza Hospital06/01/2023
KDHC20/2022Artisan Foreman grade A (Mechanical)King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex06/01/2023
PSH24/2022Operational manager general streamPort Shepstone Hospital 06/01/2023 
EMP26./2022Operational Manager Nursing: (Specialty)Queen Nandi  Hospital 06/01/2023 
ADD/CCU1/2022Professional Nurse : Specialty grade 1/2  (Intensive Critical Care)Addington Hospital06/01/2023
ADD/OTProfessional Nurse : Specialty  (Operating Theatre)Addington Hospital06/01/2023
ADD/SOC1/2022Social workerAddington Hospital06/01/2023
ADD/PAEDS/2022Professional Nurse : Specialty grade 1/2  (Paediatric)Addington Hospital06/01/2023
ADD/PHARM1/2022WithdrwanPharmacist grade 1,2Addington Hospital 06/01/2023 
ADD.RADONC/2022Radiation oncology radiographer grade 1 (speciality)Addington Hospital 06/01/2023 
EST13/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner Primary Health CareEstcourt Hospital06/01/2023
PMMH/FCS/1/12/22Finance clerk (supervisor) level 7Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital 30/12/2022 
GJGM14/2022AmendedOperational manager- surgicalGeneral Justice Gizenga Mpanza Regional Hospital30/12/2022 
HLH22/2022Clinical nurse practitioner (grade 1 or 2) Nkundusi PHC clinicHlabisa Hospital30/12/2022
HLH21/2022Professional nurse specialty (grade 1 or 2) KwaMsane clinicHlabisa Hospital30/12/2022
PSH49/2022Operational manager (Nlalwane clinic)Port Shepstone Hospital 30/12/2022 
MCO02/2022Clinical manager (obstetrics and gynaecology)Benedictine Hospital 30/12/2022
 PSH38/2022Re-AdvertisedOperational manager Mtwentweni clinicPort Shepstone Hospital30/12/2022
PSH44/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner Nhlalwane clinicPort Shepstone Hospital30/12/2022
PSH43/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner Assisi ClinicPort Shepstone Hospital30/12/2022
NKO/HOPS09/2022Clinical Nurse Practitioner (Lomo and Makhosini Clinic)Nkonjeni Hospital 30/12/2022
HRM38/2022Professional Nurse Specialty grade 1 (Theatrics & CSSD)King Edward Hospital30/12/2022
PSH46/2022Artisan Foreman PlumberPort Shepstone Hospital30/12/2022
RKKCAM02/2022Lecture- General nursing science (GNS)R.K Kahn nursing Campus30/12/2022
PSH47/2022AmendedArtisan foreman electricianPort Shepstone Hospital30/12/2022
SIPHCNC01/2022Clinical nurse practitioner: Siphimpilo clinic.Clinical nurse practitioner: Wosbank clinic.

Clinical nurse practitioner: Dundee HTA mobile

Clinical nurse practitioner: Dundee hospital mobile 02


Dundee Hospital30/12/2022
COS4/2022Assistant Manager Nursing Specialty (OT/CSSD/CDC OPD).
Artisan Production grade A (Plumbing).
Chief Artisan
Church of Scotland Hospital 28/12/2022 
NE20/2022Operational Manager Nursing SpecialtyNewcastle Hospital 28/12/2022
MS18/2022Finance clerk supervisor (finance management services).Mseleni Hospital 28/12/2022

Community Health Centres

Circular NumberVacancyLocation / OfficeClosing Date
EDU11/2022Operational Manager nursing : PHCEdumbe Community Health Centre27/02/2023
EDU12/2022Amended. Closing Date ExtendedClinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Luneburg clinicClinical nurse practitioner (PHC) Princess Mhloseni clinicEdumbe Community Health Centre03/02/2023
BCHC01/2023Social worker (grade 01)Bruntville Community Health Centre20/01/2003
HLE01/2023Professional Nurse Specialty (Advanced Midwifery) Shongweni Dam clinic Hlengisizwe Community Health Centre20/01/2023
MALCHC03/2023Clinical nurse practitioner: Mabheleni ClinicMfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre16/01/2023
MALCHC02/2023Clinical nurse practitioner: Khayelihle ClinicMfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre16/01/2023
MALCHC01/2023Clinical nurse practitionerMfundo Arnold Lushaba Community Health Centre16/01/2023
SUN13/2022Professional nurse (grade 1) speciality (ophthalmic)Sundumbili Community health centre13/01/2022
HLE07/2022Clinical nurse practitioner (Peaceville clinic)Hlengisizwe Community Health Centre13/01/2023
PCHC11/2022Community-based rehabilitation workerPhoenix Community Health Centre 13/01/2023
PCHC10/2022Human Resource Officer Supervisor Level 7Phoenix Community Health Centre 13/01/2023
AD/SYS/CHC02/2022Assistant director: systemsKwamashu Community Health Centre27/01/2023
BCHC10/2022Clinical nurse practitioner 20/01/2023
CATO0211/2022Amended. Closing date extendedPharmacy supervisor grade 1Cato Manor Community Health Centre10/01/2023

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