Kambi ya simba dubai 2023


Kambi ya simba dubai 2023, Simba sports Club travel to Dubai with a convoy of 38 people for a seven-day training camp to prepare for major league matches and other competitions. The camp is an invitation from the honorary President of the club Mohammed Dewji (Mo) to give the team a chance to prepare for the African Champions League.

The camp is special for preparation as well as giving teacher Roberto Oliviera ‘Robertinho’ a chance to get to know his players calmly.

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While in Dubai the club expect to play two friendly games where the full schedule will be announced later. The squad will return to the country on January 14 and the will head directly to Dodoma for NBC Premier League game against Mbeya City which will be played on January 17 at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

Speaking about the camp, Robertinho has said that it is the right decisions that will give him the opportunity to look at his team in a wider way and start implanting his philosophies in collaboration with his fellow coaches Juma Mgunda and Selemani Matola.

It is a good decision for the management to give me time to train with the squad calmly to enable me to get to know the players and give them my methods,” said Robertinho.

Simba Sc in Dubai

Mazoezi Dubai

Kambi ya Simba Dubai 2023 with Mo Dewj

Kambi ya simba dubai

Kambi ya simba dubai
Kambi ya simba dubai


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