Sifa za kujiunga na vyuo vya ualimu ngazi ya diploma 2023/2024. The Secretary General Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is announcing teacher training positions at the level of Teaching certificate in Primary Education, Primary Education and Teaching Diploma in Secondary Education in the subjects of Science, Business and Mathematics (03 years). Applicants for this training are Fourth Form graduates with First to Third Grades (I-III).

The Ministry invites applications to join the teaching training in Government and non-Government Colleges based on the qualifications specified in this announcement.

Sifa za kujiunga na vyuo vya ualimu ngazi ya diploma 2023/2024

The general qualifications for joining Teacher Training at the Teaching Certificates level in Primary and Primary Education are form four graduates with Grade I-III results. In addition, the qualifications to join the Teacher Training at the level of Secondary Education Diploma in Science, Business and Mathematics (03 years) are graduates of Form Four with grades I-III at the grade level of “C” in three of those subjects, two of which are specific to the subjects that the applicant is applying to study.

The following table shows the type of teacher training, eligibility criteria, colleges that offer it and the duration of the training.

Teaching Diploma in Science, Business and Mathematics:

Passing Form IV for Grades I-III with a grade of “C” in three subjects out of which two should be specific to the subjects that the applicant is applying to study. The subjects are: Basic Mathematics, Biology, Food & nutrition, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture Science, Information and Computer Studies (ICS) and Computer Science, Commerce, Accountant.

Vyuo vya Uliamu: Monduli TC, Butimba TC, Kleruu TC, Songea TC, Tukuyu TC, Kasulu TC, Mpwapwa TC, Morogoro TC, Korogwe TC, Tabora TC Mandaka TC (kwa masomo ya Sayansi na Hisabati) na Sinyanga TC (kwa masomo ya Biashara)

Duration: 3 Years

Diploma in Special Education ( Mafunzo kazini)

A teacher at work (who is employed in Government schools or private schools) who has undergone teaching training with a Diploma, Diploma or Degree with the success of at least one Science subject in the Fourth Form examination and has a teaching experience of at least two years (2 )

Vyuo vya Uliamu: Patandi TC

Duration: 2 Years

Maombi ya chuo cha ualimu 2023

  • Form four graduates with the qualifications specified in this announcement are allowed to apply.
  • Applicants for Teacher Training in Government Teaching Colleges are required to register and apply electronically through the admission system of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (
  • Applicants for Teacher Training for non-Government colleges should send their applications directly to the colleges of their choice study and the relevant colleges should submit the qualifications of the applicants to the Tanzania Examinations Council for review.
  • The applicant for teaching training in Government Colleges will choose three (03) specializations starting with the one he likes the most.
  • Applicants for on-the-job training positions should have completed teaching training at Certificate, Diploma or Degree.
  • In-service teachers will have to submit a letter of permission from their employers immediately after reporting to the college;
  •  Answers for those selected to join the Teacher Training will be provided through the “account” used by the applicant to apply Teacher training (starting on 05/07/2023) and in the Teacher Training Colleges they were selected.
  • Letters and forms to join the Training will be issued through the website of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology ( and The college will be arranged for the applicant using his address. All applicants are advised to write complete address, email and a telephone number available for further communication.
  • The deadline for sending applications is 30/06/2023.



Avatar Of Elizabeth Amoss Ngomba
Elizabeth Amoss ngomba July 13, 2023 - 8:21 pm

Mim Elizabeth a ngomba naomba kujiunga na chuo Cha mpuguso Nina ufaulu wa kiswahili c English c literature in English c geography d civics d na basic mathematics f na history f

Avatar Of Berinah Amiry
Berinah Amiry August 10, 2023 - 4:04 pm

Naitwa berinah Dickson niko na ufaulu wa chemistry c,biolog d, kiswahili c, civic c, geography d, history f,english c,literature f,math f,nahitaji kujiunga na chuo cha diploma

Avatar Of Berinah Amiry
Berinah Amiry August 10, 2023 - 4:06 pm

Nahitaji kujiunga na chuo cha morogoro au mpwapwa au monduli


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