Vyuo vya ualimu vya serikali ngazi ya Diploma 2024, Vyuo vya ualimu vya serikali ngazi ya cheti. The history of education in mainland Tanzania is divided into two parts which are before and after independence. Before the arrival of foreigners on the shores of Tanganyika, each tribe had its own traditional education system. Traditional Education was based on the daily routines of various ethnic communities. The education that included knowledge, skills, values, culture, methods and good procedures to work and protect themselves from the scourges of hunger, diseases and enemies of the security of society and their property was inherited from one generation to another. Learning material was divided into groups and provided by adults at home, at work and in other areas of life. This system began to have changes in its goals and delivery since the colonists entered the country.

About the Ministry of education

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has the responsibility of managing and coordinating the provision of Education in the country by preparing various Policies, Laws and Guidelines from the level of Primary Education to Higher Education. In addition, the Ministry is responsible for managing and coordinating the development of Science, Technology and Innovation; along with its use in various fields including Business, Industry, Agriculture and daily life in general.

Vyuo vya ualimu vya serikali ngazi ya Diploma 2024

These institutions are responsible for producing competent educators who are able to provide quality education to children in government primary schools. The diploma programs offered by these collages equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective teachers.

  1. BUNDA Teachers College
  2. BUSTANI Teachers college
  3. BUTIMBA Teachers college
  4. DAKAWA Teachers college
  5. ILONGA Teachers college
  6. KABANGA Teachers college
  7. KASULU Teachers college
  8. KATOKE Teachers college
  9. KINAMPANDA Teachers college
  10. KITANGALI Teachers college
  11. KLERUU Teachers college
  12. KOROGWE Teachers college
  13. MAMIRE Teachers college
  14. MANDAKA Teachers college
  15. MARANGU Teachers college
  16. MONDULI Teachers college
  17. MHONDA Teachers college
  18. MOROGORO Teachers college
  19. MPUGUSO Teachers college
  20. MPWAPWA Teachers college
  21. MTWARA (K) Teachers college
  22. MTWARA (U) Teachers college
  23. MURUTUNGURU Teachers college
  24. NACHINGWEA Teachers college
  25. NDALA Teachers college
  26. PATANDI Teachers college
  27. SHINYANGA Teachers college
  28. SINGACHINI Teachers college
  29. SONGEA Teachers college
  30. SUMBAWANGA Teachers college
  31. TABORA Teachers college
  32. TANDALA Teachers college
  33. TARIME Teachers college
  34. TUKUYU Teachers college
  35. VIKINDU Teachers college

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