Join instruction vyuo vya afya 2023/2024



Join instruction vyuo vya afya 2023/2024, This article contains information on Join instruction vyuo vya afya 2023/2024 and how to join health colleges in Tanzania. Download Joining Instructions for Health Colleges 2023/2024 Pdf Instructions for Joining Nacte 2023/2024, School of Nursing Instructions 2023/24, and Admission Letters

Join instruction vyuo vya afya 2023/2024

Join instruction for heath program;

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  2. Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  3. Ordinary Diploma in Nursing& Midwifery
  4. Ordinary Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  5. Ordinary Diploma in Social Work
  6. Technician Certificate in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  7. Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine
  8. Technician Certificate in Nursing& Midwifery
  9. Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  10. Technician Certificate in Social Work
  11. Certificate in Community Health. etc

How to get Join instruction vyuo vya afya 2023/2024

National Council for Vocational Education and Vocational Training (NACTVET) would like to inform the public that the results of the first phase of the election for health program applicants for the batch of September 2023/2024 will be be officially released July 10, 2023.

All graduates of Secondary Education and Colleges who have the qualifications to join Diploma and Diploma courses, are advised to make their applications seriously in order to get a chance to join the courses/programs they like and which meet the criteria/qualifications to join them for the academic year 2023/2024 . Applications to join various courses/programs should be sent directly to the respective colleges.

All applicants can check their results and Joining instruction  through the council’s website ( through the link click here to get more information. For those who were successfully selected, they are advised to download the application form and contact the college directly to confirm acceptance of the position. The Council directs all applicants who are not ready to join the colleges to contact the relevant colleges for further instructions. All applicants who were not selected should follow the instructions on their application pages (their profiles) to fill in the new options.




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