32 Job post at Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital _ July 2023


Job post at Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital . Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital is located in Central Tanzania within Dodoma Municipality.Its history goes for back for back to 1930when its started officially as a hospital. To be more precise it was established before the second World war,as a health camp which offered health services ti causalities of the 1st World War. Dodoma Regional Hospital with bed capacity of 420 has an outpatient department with35 rooms including specialized clinics. On average 400 outpatients ara attended per day in this department.

Due to the fact that the ophth almology ward and isolation wards are not not fully occupied,average bed occupancy rate is 67%. The length of Hospital stay ranges between 3 days and about 5214 operations are performed in a year. The number of deliverities is between 35 and 40 per day with acesarean  section rate of 23%. DodomaRegional Referral Hospital serves as a Referral Centre for District Hospitals of kondoa,Kogwa,Mpwapwa and Chamwino as well as other neighboring districts of Kiteto (manyara Region),Manyoni (Singinda Region) and Gairo (Morogoro Region).It also serves as a District Hospitals for Bahi District since the district has noi hospital of its own. Moreover it serves those who come directly from home.

32 Job post at Dodoma Regional Referral Hospital _ July 2023

The hospital is inviting applications from Tanzanians to apply for new vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:

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    Sorry naomba kaz yoyote ata kama kufagia au yoyote tu nina elimu yangu ya kidato cha nne na uli wa miaka 20 ni mtanzania namba yangu ni 0622107595

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      Tuma maombi mkuu

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