Maingizo mapya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/2024



Maingizo mapya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/2024, maingizo mapya yanga 2023/2024, maingizo mapya simba 2023/2024, maingizo mapya Azam 2023.

The registration WINDOW for the new 2023/24 season for NBC Premier League, Championship, First League and Women’s Premier League clubs was opened in July to allow teams to transfer players from one team to another.

Various Premier League teams have continued to strengthen themselves by announcing the players and coaches who will manage them in their games towards the new season.

Maingizo mapya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/2024

The following are the various registries that have been announced by the NBC Premier League teams;

Maingizo Mapya simba 2023

  • Che Malone Fondoh (Defender)
  • Esomba Onana (Striker)
  • Aubin Kramo (Wing)
  • Mikael Igendia (Team Manager)
  • Corneille Hatekimana (Fitness Coach)

Maingizo mapya YANGA 2023

  • Miguel Gamondi (head coach)
  • Nickson Kibabage (Defender)
  • Jonas Mkude

Maingizo mapya AZAM 2023

  • Djibril Sillah (Kiungo
  • Feisal Salum (Kiungo)
  • Khalifa Ababakar Fall (Goalkeeper Coach)
  • Ibrahim Diop (Analyst of the match via video)
  • Allasane Diao (Forward)
  • Cheikh Sidibe (Defender)
  • Bruno Ferry (Assistant Coach)
  • Jean-Laurent Geronimi (Sports coach)


  • Yahya Mbegu (Defender)


  • Erasto Nyoni (Kiungo)

The remaining 11 teams have yet to announce any signings as the window is expected to close on August 31.


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