TCU dirisha la kuomba vyuo 2023/2024, dirisha la maombi ya vyuo vikuu 2023, dirisha la maombi ya vyuo vikuu 2023/2024.

Dirisha La Maombi Ya Vyuo Vikuu 2023

dirisha la maombi ya vyuo vikuu 2023

TCU dirisha la maombi ya vyuo vikuu 2023

The Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU) would like to inform the public, Higher Education Institutions and all Higher Education Stakeholders inside and outside the country that the window for admission applications for Bachelor’s degree applicants for the academic year 2023/2024 has officially opened starting today 15/7/2023. This window will be open until 4/8/2023.

Jinsi ya kutuma maombi ya vyuo vikuu 2023

Groups of Applicants for Admission

Applications for admission to the Bachelor’s degree cover three groups of applicants:

  • With the qualifications of the Sixth Form;
  • Those with the qualifications of a Diploma (Ordinary Diploma), or similar qualifications;
  • Those with the qualifications of the Foundation Certificate of the College Open University of Tanzania.
  • In order to understand the eligibility criteria for the three groups mentioned above, the colleges and programs allowed to be admitted, applicants are directed to read the criteria shown in the Admission application guidebooks provided by TCU (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2023/2024) available on the TCU website www.tcu
    Admission Application Procedure
  • Applications should be sent directly to the colleges that the applicant has chosen and choose the study programs he likes.
  • Specific instructions on how to apply are provided by the respective colleges.

Sifa za Maombi| Criteria and Qualifications of Applicants for Admission

Criteria and qualifications in various study programs are available on the respective college websites and in the Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2023/2024 available here

Important Issues for Applicants to Consider

  • Read the admission guide provided by TCU carefully and understand it before starting to apply for admission
  • Entering college websites to find out the application procedures;
  • Sending applications directly to colleges through the electronic systems set up by the respective colleges;
  •  Communicate with colleges directly and get detailed information about study programs to satisfy yourself before applying; and
  • Applicants with certificates issued by examination boards abroad must submit their certificates to the Tanzania Examination Council (NECTA) for Secondary Education certificates or the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET) for certificates of Diplomas to obtain confirmation of the compatibility of their qualifications before applying for admission.
  • The commission encourages all applicants for admission to continue to get correct information through the TCU website, the websites of colleges allowed to admit undergraduate students, as well as various information provided by TCU through the media.


The commission calls on all Bachelor’s degree applicants, if they need clarification on any issue related to admission, to contact the relevant colleges directly. In addition, if they need general information they can contact TCU by email
Also, TCU urges citizens to avoid being scammed by people who call themselves agents or consultants who claim to provide services on how to join higher education institutions in this country.

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