ezaga login password


ezaga login password, eZaga NSFAS Account, Send money cheaper and easier than old-school banks. All NSFAS funded students will be provided with a MasterCard and a bank account where monthly allowances will be disbursed directly, on a monthly basis. We’re proud to present you with your own NSFAS MasterCard in partnership with eZaga.

eZaga NSFAS App
eZaga NSFAS App

ezaga login password 

  1. Visit eZaga’s website by clicking here  or download the eZaga App
  2. Enter your ID number and temporary password “12345”
  3. Enter a One Time Pin (OTP) received via your email address.
  4. Capture your information
  5. Take a clear photo of yourself holding your ID and take a clear photo of your ID only.
  6. Wait for an approval SMS from eZaga.
  7. Once your account has been approved, a bank card will be distributed at your campus.

More  information visit official website link https://www.ezaga.co.za/nsfas-register/


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