Kikosi cha yanga 2023/24


Kikosi cha yanga 2023/24, In this season of the Ligi Kuu NBC Premier League and CAF competitions, both Yanga SC have made significant preparations by registering new players during the extensive registration window of 2023.

Yanga SC, in particular, has introduced fresh talent to their squad, with the new players joining the team directly. This comes as a response to the departure of several key first-team players from the previous 2022-23 season. The club’s proactive approach in the transfer market demonstrates their commitment to maintaining competitiveness and strengthening their team for the upcoming challenges.

Kikosi cha yanga 2023/24

The fans of Yanga SC and Simba SC will be eagerly awaiting the performances of the new signings and hoping that they can make a positive impact, contributing to their teams’ success in the upcoming season.

Kikosi cha yanga 2023/24
Kikosi cha yanga 2023/24

Clubs will now focus on integrating the new players into their respective squads, fostering teamwork and developing a cohesive playing style.

Kikosi cha Yanga 2023/2024


Djigui Diarra
Metacha Mnata
Abuutwalib Mshary


Fred Gift
Ibrahim Hamad Baka
Bakari Mwamnyeto
Dickson Job
Lomalisa Mutambala
Nickson Kibabage
Kouassi Attohoula
Ally Kibwana Shomari


Khalid Aucho
Mudathir Yahya
Salum Abubakar Salum
Pacôme Zouzoua
Jonas Mkude
Zawadi Mauya
Stephane Aziz Ki
Denis Nkane
Maxi Nzengeli


Faridi Mussa
Mahlatsi Makudubela
Ducapel Moloko
Kennedy Musonda
Clement Mzize

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