Kikosi cha simba 2023/2024. Simba SC has participated in several continental competitions, including the CAF Champions League and the CAF Confederation Cup. The club’s best performance in the CAF Champions League came in 1974 when they reached the semifinals. In recent years, Simba SC has been a regular participant in these competitions, showcasing their growing stature in African football.

Simba SC organizes an annual event called “Simba Day” to celebrate the club’s achievements and engage with its fans. This event usually includes friendly matches, player presentations, and various entertainment activities. Simba Day has become a significant event on the Tanzanian football calendar.

Kikosi cha Simba 2023/2024

In this season of NBC Premier League and CAF competitions, Simba SC have made significant preparations by registering new players during the extensive registration window of 2023.

Simba SC has taken steps to bolster their squad by bringing in new players. These signings are expected to fill the void left by the departure of key players from the previous season. By integrating new talent into their roster, Simba SC aims to maintain their strong performance and continue their success in both domestic and continental competitions.

Kikosi Cha Simba 2023/2024

Kikosi cha simba 2023/24

Simba SC has been approached by many good players from Africa, most of them after showing good standards in the 2022/23 competition season, thus attracting a big club like Simba SC. Among the good players associated with the Simba SC team from clubs like Al Hilali Sudan, RSK Berkane, and other good ones from South Africa.

Kikosi cha simba 2023/24

Kikosi Cha Simba 2023/2024

Kikosi cha simba 2023/2024


  1. Ally Salim
  2. Feroouz
  3. Manula Aishi
  4. Hussein Abel


  1. Shomari Kapombe
  2. Mohamed Hussein
  3. Henock Inonga
  4. Duchu David Kameta
  5. Israel Mwenda
  6. Kennedy Juma
  7. Che Malone Fondo
  8. Jimson Mwanuke
  9. Hussein Abdalah Kazi


  1. Claoutas Chma
  2. Sadio Knouthe
  3. Muzamiru Yassin
  4. Nassoro Kapama
  5. Onana Willy
  6. Aubin Kramo
  7. Fabrice Ngoma
  8. Jimmson Mwanuke
  9. Abdalah Khamis


  1. Baleke
  2. Bocco
  3. Ntibanzonkinza
  4. Banda
  5. Phiri
  6. Kibu Denis
  7. Mohhamed Mussa Muddy
  8. Chilunda
  9. Miqquissone

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