3 Job post at Nanyumbu District Council _ August 2023


Job post at Nanyumbu District Council. Nanyumbu district council is one of nine councils in Mtwara region. This Council was established under Law number 7 of 1982 of Local Governments (District Authorities) and was officially announced in the Government Gazette no. 190 dated 01 July 2007. The headquarters of the District is located in the town of Mangaka, which is 54 kilometers from Masasi on the Mtwara-Songea road.

The natives of the Nanyumbu district are the Wamakua, Wayao, and Matambwe tribes who speak their native languages as well as Kiswahili.

This district is between latitudes 360 and 380 east of Greenwich and latitudes 100 and 120 south of the Equator. Nanyumbu is bordered by Nachingwea district to the north, Masasi district to the east, Tunduru district to the west and the Republic of Mozambique to the south.

 3 Job post at Nanyumbu District Council

According to the Alternative Employment Permit with Ref. No.FA.97/362/01″B /85 dated 26 June 2023 from the Secretary General, Office of the President, Public Service Management and Good Governance, Executive Director of Nanyumbu District Council is announcing job vacancies for qualified Tanzanians and the ability to fill open vacancies for Class III Mendaii.

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