KDF recruitment 2023 dates and Centers



KDF recruitment 2023 dates and Centers, kdf recruitment 2023/2024 dates and centers, kenya police recruitment 2023/2024, KDF application form 2023, kenya police recruitment 2023 to 2024 dates.  The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is pleased to announce to the public the recruitment of General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets (Regular and Graduate degree holders), Specialist Officers, General Duty Recruits, Tradesmen/women and Defence Forces Constables, which is scheduled to take place in the months of August and September 2023.

WARNING. The Kenya Defence Forces recruitment drive is FREE TO ALL eligible candidates. Members of the public are warned against engaging in malpractices with a view to ‘influence’ the recruitment process and are encouraged to report any suspicious activities or characters to the nearest Police Station or Military Camp or call the following Hotline numbers: 0726419706/0726419709. Bribery and other acts of corruption are against the law and any one suspected of being culpable of such, will be arrested and prosecuted in a court of law. KDF recruitment is absolutely FREE TO ALL.

The prospective candidates willing to join the Kenya Defence Forces MUST meet the following conditions and academic qualifications:

a. General Conditions

  1. (1)  Be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. (2)  Be a holder of a valid Kenyan National Identity (ID) Card. Additionally,

the candidates must bring with them original and four (4) copies of National ID Card, KRA PIN Certificate and Academic certificates.

b. Minimum Academic Qualifications

(1) General Service Officer (GSO) Cadets. Must hold a minimum mean grade of B (Plain) in KCSE with C+ (Plus) in English, Mathematics and one (1) Science subject. The training period for this category will cover three (3) years leading to a BSc degree in Defence and Security Studies upon completion.

(2) General Service Officer (GSO) Cadet Graduate Degree Holders. Must hold the minimum requirement to qualify as GSO Cadet in Para 3.b. (1) above and be a Bachelor’s degree holder from a recognized University/Institution. The training period for this category will be fifteen (15) months.

(3) Specialist Officers. Must hold the minimum requirement to qualify as GSO Cadet in Para 3.b. (1) above except for Chaplains/Imams who must hold a minimum mean grade of C+ (Plus) in KCSE. Must be a degree holder from a recognized University/Institution and be registered with a regulatory/statutory body where applicable in any of the disciplines listed at Para 4.c. The training period for Specialist Officers will be six (6) months.

(4) Service Members (General Duty) Recruits. Must hold a minimum mean grade of D (Plain) in KCSE.

(5) Tradesmen/women. Prospective candidates willing to apply must satisfy the conditions and requirements given below:

(a) Diploma. A minimum mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE, a relevant Diploma or above from a recognized institution and be registered with the relevant statutory bodies, where applicable.

(b) Certificate. A minimum mean grade of D+ (Plus) in KCSE and either a relevant Certificate with Government Trade Test Grade II or Craft II from a recognized institution.

(c) National Youth Service (NYS) trained Technicians or Artisans who meet the above requirements are encouraged to apply. Additionally, the KDF will conduct recruitment of potential National Youth Service (NYS) personnel from 18 to 22 September, 2023 at Embakasi Garrison, Nairobi. Candidates who have completed NYS training and meet the prescribed KDF recruitment criteria are to present themselves for consideration. Candidates with the following technical qualifications have added advantage: Plant Mechanics, Plant Technicians, Plant Electricians, Plant Operators General, Plumbers, Masonry, Electricals and Electronics, Welders and Carpentry.

(6) Constables
(a) Be a retired Kenya Defence Forces Service Member or a retired National Youth Serviceman/woman.

(3) Be within the following age brackets:

(a) Between 18 and 26 years for GSO Cadets and General Duty Recruits.
(b) Not above 30 years of age for Specialist Officers and Tradesmen/women.

(c) Not above 39 years of age for Chaplains/Imams.
(d) Have no criminal record.
(e) Candidates must meet the following minimum physical requirements:

Minimum Height:

  1. Men 1.60m (5ft 3in).
  2. Women 1.52m (5ft).

Minimum Weight:

  1. Men 54.55 kg (120 lb).
  2. Women 50.00 Kg (110 lb).

(f) Body Mass Index (BMI) MUST be below 30.
Female candidates must NOT be pregnant at the time of Recruitment and during the entire duration of training.

(5) Medical. Candidates must be medically fit and skin must be healthy devoid of large or deep scars and tattoos.

(6) Specialist Officers and Tradesmen/women should have a minimum of two (2) years practising experience in their field of specialization from the date of registration with the relevant regulatory/statutory body in Kenya.

KDF recruitment 2023 dates and Centers

KDF recruitment 2023/2024 dates and centers

Interested applicants should submit detailed CVs, including height and weight, along with clear photocopies of relevant academic certificates, professional body membership certificates, and IDs to the Assistant Chief of the Defence Forces (Personnel and Logistics) at the Ministry of Defence, Defence Headquarters, Ulinzi House, P.O. Box 40668 – 00100, Nairobi.

All interested candidates for Specialist Officers and Tradesmen/women vacancies MUST apply online, visit: to submit your application. The deadline for applications for these categories is 20th August 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be notified through the print media between 17th to 24th September 2023. NOTE: All applications will be received online.

The KDF Recruiting Teams consisting of the Kenya Army, the Kenya Air Force and the Kenya Navy will be visiting the Recruitment Centres on dates as indicated below to recruit General Service Officer (SO Cadets, General Service Officer Cadets – Graduate degree holders, General Duty Recruits and Defence Forces Constabulary:

For specialist officers and tradesmen/women, applications must reach the addressee on or before 2oth August 2023 .

Shortlisted candidates will be notified through print media between 17th to 24th September 2023.


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