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The Tanzania Mainland Premier League is the highest competitive league in Tanzania, managed by the Tanzania Football Federation TFF. It was founded in 1965, at that time known as the “National League”. The name was changed to “First Division League” and again changed to “Major League” in 1997.

Ratiba Ya Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara 2023/24

Ratiba ya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/24

Ratiba ya Ligi kuu Tanzania

Ratiba ya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/2024, The NBC Tanzania mainland league for the 2023/2024 season will kick off on August 15, 2023 and end on May 25, 2024 with a total of 16 teams participating.

In the last season, the league cup was carried by the oldest club in the country, yanga sports club who carried it for the second time in a row after doing so in the 2021/2022 season where they robbed their hometown simba sports Club after staying with it for four consecutive seasons.

The league will start as we witness Mashujaa FC from Kigoma as one of the 16 teams that will participate in the league after being promoted this season and entering the list of teams that will participate in the NBC Tanzania Premier League in the 2023/2024 season.

Ratiba ya ligi kuu Tanzania bara 2023/24 NBC

Dates & TimeHomeAway
Tuesday 15/08/2023
16:00IhefuvsGeita Gold
18:00NamungovsJKT Tanzania
21:00Dodoma JijivsCoastal Union
Wednesday 16/08/2023
16:00MashujaavsKagera Sugar
Thursday 17/08/2023
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsSimba
Tuesday 22/08/2023
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsTanzania Prisons
Wednesday 23/08/2023
19:00Young AfricansvsKMC
Saturday 19/08/2023
16:00IhefuvsKagera Sugar
Sunday 20/08/2023
14:00Mtibwa SugarvsCoastal Union
16:00SimbavsDodoma Jiji
Monday 21/08/2023
16:00MashujaavsGeita Gold
Monday 28/08/2023
21:00AzamvsTanzania Prisons
Tuesday 29/08/2023
19:00Young AfricansvsJKT Tanzania
Thursday 31/08/2023
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsKitayosce
Friday 15/09/2023
14:00KMCvsJKT Tanzania
16:00KitayoscevsTanzania Prisons
19:00Dodoma JijivsMtibwa Sugar
Saturday 16/09/2023
1:00SimbavsCoastal Union
1:00Young AfricansvsNamungo
1:00AzamvsSingida Foutain Gate
19:00Kagera SugarvsGeita Gold
Friday 29/09/2023
16:00JKT TanzaniavsKagera Sugar
19:00Coastal UnionvsKitayosce
Saturday 30/09/2023
16:00Geita GoldvsKMC
Tuesday 03/10/2023
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsSimba
19:00Dodoma JijivsAzam
Wednesday 04/10/2023
16:00IhefuvsYoung Africans
Thursday 05/10/2023
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsSingida Foutain Gate
Thursday 19/10/2023
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 20/10/2023
14:00JKT TanzaniavsMashujaa
19:00Kagera SugarvsNamungo
Saturday 21/10/2023
19:00Coastal UnionvsAzam
Sunday 22/10/2023
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsSimba
14:00KitayoscevsDodoma Jiji
16:00Geita GoldvsYoung Africans
Monday 23/10/2023
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsKagera Sugar
Tuesday 24/10/2023
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsJKT Tanzania
Wednesday 25/10/2023
14:00Geita GoldvsDodoma Jiji
18:00Young AfricansvsAzam
21:00NamungovsSingida Foutain Gate
Thursday 26/10/2023
16:00IhefuvsCoastal Union
Saturday 28/10/2023
16:00JKT TanzaniavsKitayosce
18:00Young AfricansvsSingida Foutain Gate
21:00Dodoma JijivsKagera Sugar
Sunday 29/10/2023
14:00KMCvsTanzania Prisons
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsGeita Gold
18:00Coastal UnionvsMashujaa
Tuesday 31/10/2023
16:00JKT TanzaniavsDodoma Jiji
Wednesday 01/11/2023
14:00KMCvsMtibwa Sugar
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsGeita Gold
19:00Kagera SugarvsKitayosce
Thursday 02/11/2023
14:00Singida Foutain GatevsIhefu
19:00Coastal UnionvsNamungo
Sunday 05/11/2023
17:00SimbavsYoung Africans
Saturday 04/11/2023
16:00KMCvsDodoma Jiji
Sunday 05/11/2023
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsJKT Tanzania
19:00Kagera SugarvsTanzania Prisons
Monday 06/11/2023
16:00MashujaavsSingida Foutain Gate
Tuesday 07/11/2023
16:00Geita GoldvsKitayosce
Saturday 11/11/2023
19:00Coastal UnionvsYoung Africans
Friday 24/11/2023
14:00Geita GoldvsJKT Tanzania
19:00Kagera SugarvsKMC
Saturday 25/11/2023
2:00Dodoma JijivsSingida Foutain Gate
2:00Young AfricansvsMashujaa
2:00AzamvsMtibwa Sugar
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsCoastal Union
Tuesday 28/11/2023
14:00Geita GoldvsNamungo
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsCoastal Union
Wednesday 29/11/2023
14:00Tanzania PrisonsvsDodoma Jiji
19:00Kagera SugarvsYoung Africans
Thursday 30/11/2023
14:00JKT TanzaniavsIhefu
16:00KitayoscevsMtibwa Sugar
Sunday 03/12/2023
18:00Coastal UnionvsGeita Gold
21:00NamungovsDodoma Jiji
Monday 04/12/2023
2:00Young AfricansvsMtibwa Sugar
2:00SimbavsKagera Sugar
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsJKT Tanzania
16:00IhefuvsTanzania Prisons
Saturday 09/12/2023
16:00MashujaavsTanzania Prisons
19:00NamungovsMtibwa Sugar
Sunday 10/12/2023
2:00Geita GoldvsSimba
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsKMC
2:00Young AfricansvsDodoma Jiji
2:00AzamvsJKT Tanzania
19:00Coastal UnionvsKagera Sugar
Tuesday 19/12/2023
16:00JKT TanzaniavsCoastal Union
Wednesday 20/12/2023
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsMashujaa
19:00Dodoma JijivsIhefu
Thursday 21/12/2023
2:00Geita GoldvsSingida Foutain Gate
2:00KitayoscevsYoung Africans
2:00Kagera SugarvsAzam
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsNamungo
Tuesday 26/12/2023
14:00Mtibwa SugarvsIhefu
16:00KMCvsCoastal Union
19:00Kagera SugarvsSingida Foutain Gate
Wednesday 27/12/2023
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsYoung Africans
19:00Dodoma JijivsMashujaa
Thursday 28/12/2023
16:00JKT TanzaniavsSimba
19:00AzamvsGeita Gold
Saturday 30/12/2023
18:00KMCvsYoung Africans
21:00Coastal UnionvsDodoma Jiji
Sunday 31/12/2023
14:00Tanzania PrisonsvsSingida Foutain Gate
19:00SimbavsMtibwa Sugar
Monday 01/01/2024
16:00JKT TanzaniavsNamungo
19:00Kagera SugarvsMashujaa
Tuesday 02/01/2024
16:00Geita GoldvsIhefu
Friday 16/02/2024
14:00Tanzania PrisonsvsAzam
16:00KitayoscevsSingida Foutain Gate
19:00Coastal UnionvsMtibwa Sugar
Saturday 17/02/2024
16:00Geita GoldvsMashujaa
19:00Dodoma JijivsSimba
Sunday 18/02/2024
16:00JKT TanzaniavsYoung Africans
19:00Kagera SugarvsIhefu
Friday 23/02/2024
14:00Mtibwa SugarvsDodoma Jiji
16:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKitayosce
Saturday 24/02/2024
14:00Geita GoldvsKagera Sugar
16:00JKT TanzaniavsKMC
Sunday 25/02/2024
2:00Coastal UnionvsSimba
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsAzam
2:00NamungovsYoung Africans
Tuesday 27/02/2024
16:00KMCvsGeita Gold
19:00SimbavsTanzania Prisons
Wednesday 28/02/2024
14:00KitayoscevsCoastal Union
16:00Singida Foutain GatevsMtibwa Sugar
19:00Young AfricansvsIhefu
Thursday 29/02/2024
18:00Kagera SugarvsJKT Tanzania
21:00AzamvsDodoma Jiji
Sunday 03/03/2024
16:00Mtibwa SugarvsTanzania Prisons
19:00Dodoma JijivsKitayosce
Monday 04/03/2024
2:00Young AfricansvsGeita Gold
2:00AzamvsCoastal Union
2:00SimbavsSingida Foutain Gate
16:00MashujaavsJKT Tanzania
21:00NamungovsKagera Sugar
Friday 29/03/2024
19:00Dodoma JijivsGeita Gold
Saturday 30/03/2024
19:00Coastal UnionvsIhefu
Sunday 31/03/2024
2:00Singida Foutain GatevsNamungo
2:00AzamvsYoung Africans
15:00JKT TanzaniavsTanzania Prisons
18:00Kagera SugarvsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 05/04/2024
15:00KitayoscevsJKT Tanzania
Saturday 06/04/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsMtibwa Sugar
Sunday 07/04/2024
15:00MashujaavsCoastal Union
18:00Kagera SugarvsDodoma Jiji
Monday 08/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsYoung Africans
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKMC
Friday 12/04/2024
13:00KitayoscevsKagera Sugar
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsKMC
Saturday 13/04/2024
16:00Young AfricansvsSimba
Sunday 14/04/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsTanzania Prisons
17:00NamungovsCoastal Union
20:00Dodoma JijivsJKT Tanzania
Monday 15/04/2024
15:00IhefuvsSingida Foutain Gate
Friday 19/04/2024
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsKagera Sugar
Saturday 20/04/2024
15:00KitayoscevsGeita Gold
17:00Dodoma JijivsKMC
Sunday 21/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsMashujaa
1:00Young AfricansvsCoastal Union
15:00JKT TanzaniavsMtibwa Sugar
Friday 26/04/2024
15:00KMCvsKagera Sugar
Saturday 27/04/2024
Sunday 28/04/2024
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsDodoma Jiji
1:00MashujaavsYoung Africans
1:00Mtibwa SugarvsAzam
15:00JKT TanzaniavsGeita Gold
18:00Coastal UnionvsTanzania Prisons
Tuesday 30/04/2024
18:00Young AfricansvsKagera Sugar
Wednesday 01/05/2024
13:00Mtibwa SugarvsKitayosce
15:00IhefuvsJKT Tanzania
20:00Dodoma JijivsTanzania Prisons
Thursday 02/05/2024
17:00Coastal UnionvsSingida Foutain Gate
20:00NamungovsGeita Gold
Friday 10/05/2024
15:00Geita GoldvsCoastal Union
Saturday 11/05/2024
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsYoung Africans
18:00Dodoma JijivsNamungo
Sunday 12/05/2024
1:00JKT TanzaniavsSingida Foutain Gate
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsIhefu
17:00Kagera SugarvsSimba
Friday 17/05/2024
18:00Kagera SugarvsCoastal Union
Saturday 18/05/2024
15:00Tanzania PrisonsvsMashujaa
Sunday 19/05/2024
15:00Mtibwa SugarvsNamungo
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00Dodoma JijivsYoung Africans
1:00JKT TanzaniavsAzam
1:00SimbavsGeita Gold
1:00KMCvsSingida Foutain Gate
Monday 20/05/2024
1:00Coastal UnionvsJKT Tanzania
1:00IhefuvsDodoma Jiji
1:00MashujaavsMtibwa Sugar
1:00NamungovsTanzania Prisons
1:00Young AfricansvsKitayosce
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsGeita Gold
1:00AzamvsKagera Sugar
Wednesday 29/05/2024
1:00SimbavsJKT Tanzania
1:00Coastal UnionvsKMC
1:00MashujaavsDodoma Jiji
1:00IhefuvsMtibwa Sugar
1:00Young AfricansvsTanzania Prisons
1:00Geita GoldvsAzam
1:00Singida Foutain GatevsKagera Sugar








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Ratiba ya Ligi Kuu ya NBC msimu wa 2023/2024

Under the guidance of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), the league board has carefully published the preliminary match schedule for the upcoming 2023-24 season. Soccer lovers can look forward to an exciting series of matches and exciting events as the season progresses.

The 2023-24 Premier League season is expected to start in 15 August this year, marking the start of a festival of football that will attract fans from across Tanzania. The league’s board of directors, in collaboration with TFF, has carefully planned a schedule that ensures a fair and competitive environment for all participating teams.

With careful consideration of factors such as team facilities, pitch availability and player well-being, the preliminary schedule promises an interesting and busy season. One of the biggest events on the Tanzanian football calendar is the “Kariakoo Big Run”. This exciting race, showcasing the speed and agility of athletes, is expected to take place in September of this year.

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Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara

Starting from the 2018/19 season, the league grew to 20 clubs that played two-round competitions. The club that ranked first at the end of the season participated in the championship club competition in Africa (Confederation of African Football (CAF) Champions League) the following season.

Starting from the 2015/16 season, the winner of the Azam Sports Federation Cup qualified to participate in the (CAF Confederations Cup), before the change, the runner-up in the league was the one who qualified to participate in the Confederations Cup in Africa.

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