TCU multiple selection confirmation 2023 | TCU confirmation code



TCU multiple selection confirmation 2023| How to confirm, TCU confirmation code TCU confirmation code 2023. Bachelor’s degree applicants are reminded that all issues regarding admission or self certification in one college should be submitted directly at the respective colleges. For those who will find it challenging to prove themselves, All colleges have been directed to receive their information and to find a quick solution to comply with established guidelines and procedures.

TCU multiple selection confirmation 2023
TCU multiple selection confirmation 2023


TCU multiple selection confirmation 2023

Applicants admitted to more than one college in Phase I and Second, they are encouraged to confirm their admission to one of the colleges to begin with on 25 August to 06 September, 2023 using a special secret number sent by text message through their phone numbers or e-mails they used during apply for admission.


Those who will not receive the message in time, are advised enter the admission systems of the colleges they were admitted to and apply to be used a short message with a special secret number to be able to verify yourself in the college

How to confirm admission for applicants with multiple admission


Confirmation of admission is done through the account that the applicant used at the time to apply for admission. List of names of applicants admitted to the college one is posted on the TCU website (



In order to confirm for admission in 2023/2024 academic year, an applicant with multiple admission must have a Special TCU verification code – the special code sent to all applicants VIA SMS/E-mail.

If you haven’t received the verification code yet, you can request it directly through the online application system of the Higher learning institution to which you have been selected.

Only requested TCU confirmation code can be used to confirm your admission at the university college/institution of your choice.

TCU confirmation code 2023 | TCU verification for Multiple selected applicants

All applicants who have been selected to more than one university for 2022/2023 academic year are required to confirm their admission immediately before the deadline in order to secure their admission to only one university college.

The failure to confirm for any reason may result to applicant admission being rejected by the all universities to which they have been selected for 2023/2024 academic year.


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