Tangazo la ajira Jeshi la Magereza 2024, The Commissioner General of the Prisons Service, announces employment opportunities for young Tanzanians with Form IV education and with skills in various fields at the Diploma and Degree level as specified in this announcement. All applicants must have the following qualifications:-


a) Be a citizen of Tanzania;
b) Have a Citizenship ID or Nationality Number from the Authority of National Identities (NIDA);
c) Must have graduated from the National Building Training (JKT) or existing Camps;
d) He should never have been employed by the Government;
e) Be aged between 18 – 25 years for Fourth Form graduates, and 18 – 30 for those with skills;
f) Have a Birth Certificate;
g)Must be at least 5’4″ for women and 5’7″ for men;
h) May he be fit and in good health of body and mind confirmed by Government Doctor;
i)He should not be married;
j)He should not have any marks or drawings in his body (tattoo);
k) Must have discipline and good behavior and must have never been found guilty of a criminal charge in Court and has never been imprisoned;

l) Be ready to attend the initial training of Prison Officers and work anywhere in Tanzania;
m) He should be ready to pay for himself personally in all the initial stages of interview for this job until reporting to training.


For applicants of Form IV Education (Form IV)

  • All applicants should write a letter to the Head of the nearby Prison.
  • All application letters should be sent by post.
  • Application letters should be attached with the following copies:-
    a) Copy of birth certificate (Birth Certificate);
    b) Copies of the Fourth Form graduation certificates (Academic Certificate and Leaving Certificate);
  • c) Health certification certificate from a Medical Practitioner Government;
  • d) Copy of citizenship ID or nationality number from National Identity Authority (NIDA);
  • A copy of the National Army Training Qualification Certificate (JKT) or a letter from the Battalion Chief to those present Camp;
  • One (01) passport size photo;
  • Letter of identification from the Village/Street Executive Officer where the applicant lives.

For applicants with multi-disciplinary skills:

The applicant must write his application letter with his hand (handwriting) and his mobile phone number that can be reached at any time. Their applications should be sent to the Commissioner General of Prisons at the following address:-

  • Commissioner General of Prisons, Prisons Headquarters,
  • Arusha Road, Msalato Area,
  • S.L.P. 1176, DODOMA.

Along with the application letter he should attach the following documents:-

a) Letter of identification from the Head of the Ward or Local Government/Village where the Applicant lives;
b) Copy of Birth Certificate (Birth Certificate);
c) Copy of National Identity Card (NIDA) or Nationality Number;

d) A copy of the National Building Force (JKT) Certificate or Letter of Introduction from the Squad Leader to those present Camps;
e) Certificate of proof of good health from the Medical Practitioner Government;
f) Copies of Secondary Education certificates (Leaving and Academic);
g) Have a copy of Certificates of various fields/skills announced (Academic certificates and transcripts);
h) Have one (01) ‘passport size’ photo.

Required skills and fields:

a) Degree in IT Systems Management (Bachelor in Network Administration);
b) Degree in Software Engineering (Software Engineering);
c) Degree in Psychology and Counseling (Psychology and Councelling);
d) Doctorate degree (Bachelor in Medicine);
e) Nursing Degree (Bachelor in Nursing);
f) Bachelor of Pharmacy (Bachelor in Pharmacy); Oral Health Degree (Bachelor in Dental);

h) Bachelor in Radiology;
i) Bachelor in Biomedical Engineer;
j) Diploma of Office Equipment (Diploma of Office Machines);
k) Diploma in Clinical Medicine; Diploma in Nursing (Diploma in Nursing);
m) Pharmacy Diploma (Diploma Nursing in Pharmacy);
n) Diploma in Oral Health (Diploma in Dental Heath);
0) Diploma in Radiology;
p) Diploma in Physiotherapy;
q) Diploma in Electronics and Communications or Electronics and Telecommunications;
r) Diploma in Statistics;
5) Diploma in Agriculture/Livestock;
t) Diploma in Secretarial;
u) Diploma in Sign Language (Diploma in Sign Language).

Things to Consider:

a) All applicants who were expelled from the initial training courses for prison officers are not allowed to apply again;
b) A letter delivered by hand or email will not be processed;
c) Any applicant who submits false/falsified documents
(Forged Documents) he will have committed a criminal offense so he will be taken strict legal action.

The deadline for receiving applications is January 26, 2024.

Tangazo la ajira Jeshi la Magereza 2024


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