TAMISEMI ajira za walimu 2024, TAMISEMI ajira Mpya za walimu 2024, The Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administrations and Local Governments (TAMISEMI) Mohamed Mchengerwa has announced that for this month January and February 2024, the Ministry has received permission to hire 23,000 Teachers and Health Officers and that they will soon announce the job vacancies.


Minister of State, Office of the President, Regional Administrations and Local Governments (TAMISEMI) Mohamed Mchengerwa

Minister Mchengerwa has announced the government’s decision today, Saturday January 06.2024 while closing the working session of the Administrative Secretaries, Assistant Education and Council Education Officers held at Glonency Hotel 88, Morogoro


TAMISEMI ajira za walimu 2024

“For this month of January and February, the Office of the President, TAMISEMI, we have the employment permit and we will soon announce the employment of nearly 23,000 Teachers and Health Officers, the Government has also succeeded in promoting the ranks and ranks of approximately 227,263 Teachers and paying the new Teachers their entitlements and now The government continues to go through all the teachers who were delayed in their promotion to ensure they are placed in the positions and grades they deserve” – Mchengerwa

In addition, Minister Mchengerwa has said that the government spends approximately 33.3 billion every month to provide free education in the country while for the 2022/2023 financial year the government has hired 13,000 teachers and sent them to areas with shortages in order to reduce the teaching burden for teachers

Mchengerwa has used the meeting to urge teachers to work hard and prioritize the interests of Tanzanians as the government continues to address all their interests including protecting them and improving the infrastructure in the education sector.

The year 2024 brings new hope for teachers in the country. Teacher jobs are expected to increase and provide more opportunities for teachers looking for employment. This is good news for those who have graduated and are looking for career opportunities in the education sector.

Ajira za Walimu

According to information from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, there is a strategic plan to hire more teachers by 2024. This plan aims to improve the quality of education in the country by increasing the number of teachers in primary and secondary schools.

The Ministry has a plan to establish new schools and improve the education infrastructure. This means that there will be a huge demand for new teachers. These jobs will be a good opportunity for new teachers to start work and build their careers in the education sector.

How to Prepare to this opportunity

In order to prepare for these employment opportunities, it is important for aspiring teachers to continue to enhance their skills and professional development. You can do this by attending courses and seminars, reading academic books and publications, and participating in research projects in your field.

It is also important to have practical experience and demonstrate your ability to teach and manage a class. You can do this by volunteering to teach in vocational schools or participating in teacher training programs.

Preparing for teacher jobs 2024 requires patience and dedication. It is important to continue looking for opportunities to learn and develop yourself in order to increase your chances of finding employment in the education sector.


Avatar Of Jerwin Jeronimo Furula
Jerwin Jeronimo Furula January 7, 2024 - 5:36 pm

Its very important

Avatar Of Grace George Mosha
Grace George Mosha January 9, 2024 - 7:33 pm

Tunashukuru serikali yetu kwa nafasi za ajira kwetu wananchi

Avatar Of Abusalum
Abusalum March 20, 2024 - 8:53 am

Vizuri kwa kazi maana shule kumekuwa kwa moto kwa upande wa walimu

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Anonymous March 25, 2024 - 5:48 am


Avatar Of
Anonymous March 27, 2024 - 2:23 pm

Nice job minister


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