Tamisemi ajira za walimu 2024 – New 11,000

Tamisemi Ajira Za Walimu 2024While education stakeholders are questioning the readiness of the government to serve the students who will choose the 65 special combination, the minister of state office of the president of regional administrations and local governments (TAMISEMI), Mohamed Mchengerwa, has said that they have planned for the budget, teachers and infrastructure.

He has said that Tanzanians should not be afraid of its implementation, as preparations have already been made and 11,000 new teachers will be hired. He gave this information a day after he announced 49 new combinations in various subjects where there were only 16 combinations previously.

The combinations are divided into seven groups and will come into force in July this year. The categories are social science, language, business, science, sports, art and religious education. The other day, Mchengerwa stated the reason for the introduction of these specifics, that it is the implementation of the change in the education policy for the year 2024, the 2023 edition and the fifth form education curriculum.

Once the combinations were announced, there were various discussions from stakeholders, some who congratulated them saying they open up opportunities for students to have a choice of specials and others questioning the readiness of the government.

Preparation for the implementation

In the arguments of the stakeholders, Minister Mchengerwa in an important interview yesterday, said that Tanzanians should not be afraid of the implementation of the specifics, saying: “in this the government is well organised and has not panicked”. Minister Mchengerwa added by saying that “We at TAMISEMI in collaboration with the Ministry of Education have planned well to ensure that we have enough experts to ensure that we treat the problem.”

Among the strategies he mentioned is to hire 11,000 teachers by April this year who will go to reduce the shortage of teachers. “Mr. President has already issued employment permits for approximately 11,000 teachers that we are going to hire starting next month, who will go to the areas where there is a shortage of teachers in some of the specialties I talked about earlier,” said Mchengerwa.

Regarding the Budget, Minister Mchengerwa said the government has already prepared and has held talks with the World Bank (WB) who promised to help. “now you can’t be helped if you haven’t shown the area you want to be helped and in this as you know we have started online classes” he said.

Minister Mchengerwa mentioned the use of digital technology in teaching to deal with the shortage of students, saying that one teacher can teach the whole country if we close online classes. “One teacher can teach 100,200 or even 500 schools. In this area, we have already set strategies by asking council directors in budgeting areas. “One of the strategies is to ensure that there are digital devices in our schools and we have advised each council to ensure that it has one school to begin with , where a teacher can stay in Kibaha (Coastal Region) or stay in Dodoma and teach all the schools in the country”, he said.

He said that tests have already been done and they have gone well and through that method even students from different areas who are connected to the system see each other. He also mentioned the educational program through training that will enable students to gain knowledge and experience. “Therefore, students who finish their studies in various colleges, diplomas and diplomas means they are going to start working for the government, there will be practical training, so there will be millions of teachers,” he said.

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Avatar Of Clara Ernest
Clara Ernest March 25, 2024 - 7:35 pm

Good plan


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