Kozi zinazotolewa chuo cha IAA- Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) – Program offered. The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) is a parastatal educational institution under the Ministry of Finance and Planning originally established in 1987 to offer training for candidates aspiring to acquire National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) certification.

The Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) is a parastatal educational institution under the Ministry of Finance and Planning originally established in 1987 to offer training for candidates aspiring to acquire National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) certification.

In 1990 the Parliament of the Republic of Tanzania under Act No. 1 of 1990 established the Institute of Accountancy Arusha to offer programs independent of NBAA certification

The main campus is situated at Njiro Hills about 8 km from the beautiful city of Arusha. In recent years, the Institute has expanded by opening campuses in Babati, Dar es Salaam and Dodoma. It also collaborates with the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) in offering academic programmes on Strategic Studies and Military Science. The Institute is also collaborating with Confucius Institute – University of Dar es salaam to offer Chinese language courses.

Kozi zinazotolewa chuo cha IAA – Institute of Accountancy Arusha- Program offered

SNProgramme NameFee
1Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy883,000 TZS
2Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy and Microfinance883,000 TZS
3Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy with IT883,000 TZS
4Basic Technician Certificate in Business Management883,000 TZS
5Basic Technician Certificate in Business Management with Chinese883,000 TZS
6Basic Technician Certificate in Computer Networking883,000 TZS
7Basic Technician Certificate in Computing and Information Technology883,000 TZS
8Basic Technician Certificate in Economics and Finance883,000 TZS
9Basic Technician Certificate in Finance and Banking883,000 TZS
10Basic Technician Certificate in Human Resources Management883,000 TZS
11Basic Technician Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management883,000 TZS
12Basic Technician Certificate in Library and Information studies883,000 TZS
13Basic Technician Certificate in Marketing and Public Relation883,000 TZS
14Basic Technician Certificate in Mobile Application Development883,000 TZS
15Basic Technician Certificate in Multimedia883,000 TZS
16Basic Technician Certificate in Procurement and Logistics Management883,000 TZS
17Basic Technician Certificate in Records and Information Management883,000 TZS
18Diploma in Accountancy1,108,000 TZS
19Diploma in Accountancy and Microfinance1,108,000 TZS
20Diploma in Accountancy with IT1,108,000 TZS
21Diploma in Business Management1,108,000 TZS
22Diploma in Business Management with Chinese1,108,000 TZS
23Diploma in Computer Networking1,108,000 TZS
24Diploma in Computer Science1,183,000 TZS
25Diploma in Economics and Finance1,108,000 TZS
26Diploma in Finance and Banking1,108,000 TZS
27Diploma in Human Resources Management1,108,000 TZS
28Diploma in Information Technology1,183,000 TZS
29Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management1,108,000 TZS
30Diploma in Library and Information Studies1,108,000 TZS
31Diploma in Marketing & Public Relations1,108,000 TZS
32Diploma in Mobile Applications Development1,183,000 TZS
33Diploma in Multimedia1,183,000 TZS
34Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management1,108,000 TZS
35Diploma in Records and Information Management1,108,000 TZS
36Diploma in Security and Strategic Studies1,108,000 TZS
37Bachelor Degree in Accountancy1,733,000 TZS
38Bachelor Degree In Accountancy and Finance1,733,000 TZS
39Bachelor Degree in Accountancy with Information Technology1,833,000 TZS
40Bachelor Degree In Audit and Assurance1,733,000 TZS
41Bachelor Degree in Banking with Apprenticeship1,733,000 TZS
42Bachelor Degree in Business Management1,733,000 TZS
43Bachelor Degree in Computer Science1,833,000 TZS
44Bachelor Degree in Credit Management1,733,000 TZS
45Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security1,833,000 TZS
46Bachelor degree In Data Mining1,733,000 TZS
47Bachelor Degree in Economics and Finance1,733,000 TZS
48Bachelor Degree in Economics and Project Management1,733,000 TZS
49Bachelor Degree in Economics and Taxation1,733,000 TZS
50Bachelor Degree in Education with Computer Science1,733,000 TZS
51Bachelor Degree in Finance and Banking1,733,000 TZS
52Bachelor Degree in Human Resources and Management1,733,000 TZS
53Bachelor Degree in Information Technology1,833,000 TZS
54Bachelor Degree in Insurance and Risk Management with Apprenticeship1,733,000 TZS
55Bachelor Degree in Library Studies and Information Science1,733,000 TZS
56Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Public Relations1,733,000 TZS
57Bachelor Degree in Procurement & Logistics Management1,733,000 TZS
58Bachelor Degree In Records and Information Management1,733,000 TZS
59Bachelor Degree in Security and Strategic Studies1,108,000 TZS
60Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management with Apprenticeship1,733,000 TZS
61Bachelor of Multimedia and Mass Communication1,733,000 TZS
62Master of Accountancy4,395,000 TZS
63Master of Accounting and Finance4,395,000 TZS
64Master of Arts in Peace and Security Studies4,395,000 TZS
65Master of Business Administration in Corporate Management4,395,000 TZS
66Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management4,395,000 TZS
67Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management4,395,000 TZS
68Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Governance4,395,000 TZS
69Master of Business Administration in Policy Development and Execution4,395,000 TZS
70Master of Business Management in Procurement and Supplies Management4,395,000 TZS
71Master of Education Management4,395,000 TZS
72Master of Finance and Investment4,395,000 TZS
73Master of Information Security5,995,000 TZS
74Master of Science in Finance and Banking4,395,000 TZS
75Master of Science in Project Planning Management4,395,000 TZS

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