It is clear that this day young people, especially in Tanzania, are awake and fighting for various opportunities with the utmost seriousness. Such opportunities include online business, or as most of us like to talk about money online

For many of you when you hear money online or online business then you must think of some services such as YouTube or become an IOS or Android app or perhaps a website where you can place google ads and continue to make money online more than that.

That is another topic, but today let’s talk about ways to make money online through google AdSense.

Without wasting time let’s go straight to this article.

What is Google AdSense.

AdSense or google AdSense This is a service provided by google for online content creators as well as software and website creators to earn money from their work. Here I am talking about their work, the meaning of making articles, or making apps, various different content or making videos.

Google services and Google AdSense

If we are talking about Money then it is important to know the google services that can help you make money online through google AdSense.

These services are different but they are all connected to the google AdSense service, so it does not matter which service you choose, all of them are google AdSense services. Those services are

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogger
  3. Google Ad mob
  4. Google ads (Personal website)

As you can see all these methods are different but they all require you to have a google AdSense account so it is very important to have an AdSense account before you start taking steps to earn money online through any of these services.

  1. YouTube

Now let’s start with YouTube, YouTube is a section that allows you to post videos with content that is socially acceptable and through those videos you can earn money from ads that pop up immediately before the video starts, in the middle of your videos or immediately at the end of your videos. Generally now to earn money through YouTube you need to reach a certain level of followers of your channel, including the total amount of time that all your videos have been viewed within a period of one year i.e. it is the same as saying you need a certain level of views by subscribers in order to reach the point of making a request to join google AdSense through YouTube, You can watch more here

How to make money via YouTube

If you want to make money through YouTube then it is good to make sure you make videos that have content and that are loved by more viewers. This is very important when you are just starting out. YouTube recommend  video that have more views  than  subscribers, so if your videos are viewed more then the chances of making money through YouTube are much higher.

The fact is,

Here I have to tell you the truth, in order to get more views on your channel or your videos you must use legitimate means and create videos that are more watched and have better language.

   2. Blogger

Blogger is a network that allows users to use it to create websites that have domains and are hosted by google servers. In terms of making money through blogger is not different from having a YouTube channel

How to make money through Blogger

Now to make money through blogger it is good to know a few of the following;

Blogger you must write content that is socially diverse and available in the best advertising language which is English, now here note that through blogger if you post Swahili content you will not be able to make any money through AdSense because   through its google AdSense service still does not have Swahili as a language accepted by companies that advertise via google

The truth

Now let’s face it, if you are thinking of starting a blog in Kiswahili then make sure you get rid of google AdSense ideas for now, as so far google does not accept Swahili websites except for the most popular sites selected by google and which will also not always display ads, also such sites must not have a domains

     3. Google Ad mob

Coming to google Ad mob this is a google service that allows owners and creators of various android and iOS apps to earn money through their apps. You can get through the ads that appear within the App via special sections.

How to Make Money via Ad mob

Unlike other services, in terms of Ad mob things are not easy but there are also advantages for software developers here in Tanzania. through your various programs you can earn money to keep content that is acceptable to the community around you and available in any language used by people.

The truth

Now in order to make money using Ad mob you first need to be a good Designer of Android or iOS apps, also make sure you get a lot of users of your apps as well as good content that users of the app might like. through Ad mob you can make money if more people use your app or you have more apps through marketing plays tore and App store. The bottom line is that you need to create an app that is popular and downloaded by more people to make money, at least when the app reaches more than 100,000 users then you can see good results

    4. Google Ads (Personal Website)

Now here is the last step which is also no different from the existing blogger point above. This google ads  service via personal website differs from blogger in small part as it does not share the same amount of revenue with google as it does for someone who uses

The truth.

If you think you have a Swahili website, then it is better to forget about google AdSense ads for now as Google does not currently accept websites with Swahili content

My advice to you

If you are thinking of having a website or app or a YouTube channel later, then it is also a good idea to create a google AdSense account in advance even if you have not considered posting anything. This is important as long-term accounts are more reliable than accounts that have been created and begin to broadcast live ads. These are often closed after a very short time and are probably blocked.

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