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In this article I will give you 10 more payable Jobs in Tanzania 2021

Common sense dictates that you need a university degree to earn a good salaryBut often, common sense can be bad, and this is the case with a university diploma and a high-paying job. The fact is that there are many high-paying jobs that do not require a university degree or even a high school diploma at times, and we have 13 good examples below to prove this case.

1. Brick Builders

You just have to have a high school education to get a solid job like brick masonry. Typically, the work involves laying and assembling building materials, especially bricks, concrete blocks, concrete blocks and mortar. Layers of bricks can work for a construction or environmental management company, or start their own business.

2. Attend clothing

Customers can enjoy watching the low lights and the beauty of the platform and screens, and earn good money making it. The average annual salary is around 4-7 miles, and more in large urban areas like Dar es Salaam and Arusha, where demand is high. The job usually requires high school graduation and includes selecting and comparing business professionals before and during performance.

3. Supply Managers

Working in the food service management industry is quick and enjoyable, and you can often bring your leftovers home with you. No formal training is required, although usually secondary education is required. The average annual salary is about 4-6 mills, and that work includes organizing and directing drinks and beverage events in the private and public sectors. Be prepared to work on the weekends.

4. Gas station operators

The demand for gas station operators has not been as high as before, due to the trend towards electric vehicles, but while the number varies, there are 50,000 gas stations operating in Tanzania. From 2017. Payments are good, in ch. 4Mill per year, but the job requires some knowledge of gasoline, natural gas, butane and basic car repairs as well. Secondary education is required.

5. Real Estate Agents

Selling a home becomes a popular career choice for the growing number of real estate agents in Tanzania – 50,000 strong in 2017. The job requires high school education, paying approximately Tsh, 4 Million a year (or more, in income markets. on). Expect to know as much as possible about real estate, real estate sites, real estate deals, and general sales conditions. The more you know about the real estate market, the more homes you will sell.

6. Boiler manufacturers

Professional boiler builders, who design, install and repair boilers and liquids and gases, only need a VETA school certificate or equivalent. The annual salary is about Tsh, 4 factories, and the only on-the-job training required is a study in the art of boiler manufacturing and maintenance.

7. Computer support technicians
Computer technology support professionals are in high demand, and more job opportunities are expected in the next five years. The average annual salary is 4 million Tanzanian shillings. It helps, though not require, to have a bachelor’s degree in some form of computer technology.

8. Vehicle Insurance Valuers

As long as drivers continue to lock their cars together, there will be a huge demand for car insurance damage assessors. You only need a high school diploma, but any automotive repair training and intuitive knowledge to understand the destructive effects on car performance and appearance are highly recommended. The average annual salary for car insurance assessors is Tsh 4 Mill.

9. Web developers

Demand for designing and designing websites for personal or commercial use is still high in 2018, and high school (although affiliate level is important) is enough to start a career in web development. Payments are excellent, average Tsh 4, and you can work for a company as a web expert or set up your own board and build your own customer list.

10. Bar Association

Working as a manager or bartender can be a business venture, while working with the public, and public money on the line. You don’t need a university degree to do that, but most likely, you will start as a group entrepreneur or in a low-level management and reach a management position. Annual income is Tsh 4-8 Mill and demand is increasing as legal games are accepted throughout Tanzania and more game centers are opened or expanded.

11. Inspectors of Transport Vehicles

Freight forwarding inspectors inspect and monitor vehicle performance, from basic sedans to larger and more modern commercial / freight trucks. Only a high school or diploma is required, but the foundation for car construction or renovation is highly recommended. Revenue is increasing (approximately 4-10 million Kenyan shillings per year) as the economy grows and there are more commercial vehicles on the country’s highways.

12. Mechanical and repair supervisors

It does not require a university degree, or even a high school diploma in mastering technical and repair skills. The average annual salary is about a Kenyan shilling. The industrial growth rate of 4 to 15 is expected to grow by 7.1% to 2026. The best place to start is to get a job as a technician for a few years, then be promoted to manager.

13. Electronic Repair Specialists Workplace training is actually required to be an electronic equipment repair specialist – perhaps five years of reliable training. Pay a lot for Tsh. 4-7 mill and high demand for electronic repair experts, with a growth rate of 3.7% for the next several years.


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