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RMIT University welcome applications to apply for the International Tuition Fee Bursary

What is the International Tuition Fee Bursary?

A number of continuing and commencing international students are currently unable to come to Australia due to current Australian border restrictions. To support these students with their studies, and in acknowledgement that they are unable to fully engage in campus life, we have created the RMIT International Tuition Fee Bursary.

The bursary is a 10% reduction of tuition fees for full-fee paying international students who are unable to travel to Australia due to current border restrictions. The bursary is only available to students undertaking units of study from the start of Semester 2 2021 to the end of Semester 1 2022 including Spring, Summer and flexible term enrolments within this timeframe. The bursary will only cover tuition fees, it will not apply to other fees or services such as the Student Services or Amenities Fee (SSAF).

A retrospective bursary for study prior to these study periods is not available.

Who is eligible for the bursary?

To be eligible for the bursary students must meet ALL of the following criteria. Students must be:

  • full-fee paying international students
  • enrolled at an Australian campus
  • enrolled in a higher education, vocational education or higher degree by research (HDR) and
  • unable to come to Australia due to current border restrictions in Semester 2 2021 and/or Semester 1 2022, and/or Spring, Summer and flexible term enrolments within this timeframe

The following students are not eligible for the bursary:

  • Domestic and HECS fee paying students
  • RMIT Online students
  • RMIT Vietnam students
  • RMIT Training students
  • Students studying through RMIT’s study partners outside Australia
  • Study Abroad students
  • Students already receiving a reduction in their fees through another RMIT scholarship, bursary or partner arrangement
  • International students who are in Australia during the bursary period

How do I get the bursary?

For commencing students, the bursary will be automatically applied at the time of acceptance and visible on the student’s first invoice or in Enrolment Online once the student enrolls.

For continuing students, the bursary will be applied to tuition fees for units of study undertaken in the specified study periods following the last date to add/drop classes and, once applied, will be visible on the invoice and in Enrolment Online against tuition fees for eligible enrolments.

If you are eligible for the bursary but have already paid your fees, you can choose to leave the additional money in credit to be applied against future enrolments or apply for a refund.

For more information Visit official Webpage International Tuition Fee Bursary


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