How to get Approved in AdSense, Simple tricks


How to authorize your site with Google AdSense
In this article I want to reveal the things I think I know about Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense


AdSense or Google AdSense  is a service provided by google for online content creators as well as software and website creators to earn money from their work. Here I am talking about their work, the meaning of making articles, or making apps, various different content or making videos.

I was hanging out with Google 3 months ago when I saw a comment from a Google representative on Google AdSense approval for a new website in 2021. This is what I took from the post;-
Google is now very strict on site approval

You don’t need traffic to get approval yet, however you need traffic to earn money.
The niche no longer matters, unlike in the past where finance, health care, technology, relationships, n.k can get your approval quickly.
Spinning Content no longer works as Google bots grow smarter. There is no Google AdSense Approval  expert, just try your luck.

What To do In Oder to approved in Google AdSense


  • Google requires you to write what is not previously written on Google, so duplicating someone else’s post will not work.
  • Download websites, music sites, and news sites will not be accepted because most of the content is copied by copyright issues.
  • Say ah! Does that mean my site will not be accepted? No!

This is what you should do  in order to get approved in Google AdSense

Apart of  organizing your website and important pages like us, contact us, site maps and privacy policy (you can provide this directly online), There’s this approval trick that has been working since time unknown.


Make a story Blog.  you can write an imaginary story of 600 words per post. write from 10 to 15 and engage with your groups to gain audience and social participation.

Why? the stories you writes come from your head and are not copied, nor can the title be found anywhere. (Don’t copy people’s stories).
Smaller blogs(Micro Blogs)  are faster and better. One 3000 word blog post can get you approved. Now create a small Blog (Micro Blog) blog that few people are dealing about,  write about 4 copies of 1.5k words each, submit your sites to the Google search Console, and then apply for AdSense

Delete all old posts that you have copied?  (do not delete them). write 10 unique information (eg how to abort flies, how to use toilet paper to bake a cake, how to sleep for 3 days without dreaming etc. copy in your niche of 600 to 1k words each within two weeks and then Apply for AdSense.

These things that I have written above are not magic. Don’t be a victim of scams. All you need is patience, hard work, and a good mentor (free or paid). Don’t be afraid to pay to study.

If your site is rejected many time don’t panic, be patience, improve your writings and then apply again. Sometimes Google may want to know your patience in Blog because blog is not only for making money bat also is yo provide service for others. Some one you my find want even to communicate with google in order for them to approve his/her site.

Another thing you have to keep n mind is make sure you website is responsive  and it contain pages that is easy to navigate.

But also there is Other Monetizing Platform/Networks  you can use to monetize you site. This Platform other are like AdSense in term of their Policy but other they differ. The rules of these networks do not matter much about the type of blog or website you have, while other networks allow you to display ads even on other languages other than English, making it easier for most people, especially Tanzanians, to join quickly and easily.

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