Tarehe ya pasaka 2022| Easter day 2022, Pasaka 2022 itakuwa tarehe ngapi, Kalenda ya kanisa katoliki 2022 | The date of Easter changes each year based on the centuries-old calculations that determine the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar. This means that the date of Easter Sunday can be anytime between 22 March and 25 April. Along with Christmas, Easter is one of the two biggest celebrations of the year for the Tanzania’s Christian population.

Special church services begin on Palm Sunday, when people bring palm branches to church and wave them as the march in processions through the streets. Some also take part in Way of the Cross processions on Good Friday. But almost everyone goes to church on Easter Sunday.

Easter Monday, on the other hand, is a time to recover from the holidays before heading back to work. People will often buy new clothes and special items for their family’s Easter meal. Many will also make a point to listen to the presidential Easter address.

Tarehe ya pasaka 2022 | Easter day 2022

Tarehe Ya Pasaka 2022

Tarehe ya pasaka 2022

Mother Church, in celebration of the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, also proclaims the Mystery of the Passover, which in a special way reflects the glory of Christ Jesus. ; Namely the Easter Celebration which this Year will be celebrated there on 17 April 2022.

Easter Monday - Church Office Closed — Bridgewater United Church

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