Drivers Jobs at Mkuranga District Council April 2022. Mkuranga District is one of the 9 Districts of the Coast Region. It is located between latitude 6o.35 o and 7o.15o South of the Equator; and Longitudi 38o.15o and 39o.30o East of the Meridian.

Mkuranga District borders Temeke District in the North, Ilala in the North West in the South, Kibiti District in the East, in the East, in the Indian Ocean and in the West in Kisarawe District. Mkuranga District has an area of Km. 2,432 square meters out of those Km. 447 square meters of water (Indian Ocean) and Km. 1985 square meters of land where an area of km. of 1934 square is suitable for agriculture.

Mkuranga District is located in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean Coast. The weather is good, the District gets rain at 2 times a year. November to December (Autumn) and March to June (monsoon rains). On average the District receives rainfall between 800 mm to 1,000 mm per year and an average of 28o degrees Celsius.

According to the 2012 National Population and Housing Census, the population of Mkuranga District is 222,921 including 108,024 women and 114,897 men. With an average population growth of 2.0 percent per year.

7 Drivers Jobs at Mkuranga District Council April 2022

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