Simba sc vs orlando Pirates Live Updates April 2022


Simba sc vs orlando Pirates Live Updates, Kikosi cha Simba sc vs orlando Pirates, Matokeo ya Simba sc vs orlando Pirates, orlando pirates vs simba h2h, orlando pirates vs simba Head to head, CAF Confederation Cup – Sunday, 17 April 2022 at 18h00
Simba FC vs  Orlando Pirates FC

Simba sc vs orlando Pirates Live Updates

Simba sc vs orlando Pirates Live
Simba sc vs orlando Pirates
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Simba Sports Club is a football team headquartered in Msimbazi, Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam in Tanzania participating in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League where it was founded in 1936, first named Eagles and later renamed Dar Sunderland. In 1971 it changed its name completely to Simba Sport Club (meaning Lion in English).

Simba Sports Club is one of the biggest football teams in Tanzania, with rivals called Younɡ Africans. They are 18-time national champions and 6-time champions in the Kagame Cup.

Simba Football Club is registered in accordance with Act No. 12 of the National Sports Council of 1967 as amended in 1971. The current Constitution of the Lions team was drafted in 2018 and passed on 20 May 2018 by the Registrar of Football Associations and club, and then registered with the registration, insolvency and sponsorship agency (RITA). The Simba football team’s journey towards change began in 2016 when the Central Committee at the time noted that the club was run outside of its principles and vision, thus leading to failure to meet the expectations of its stakeholders, which led to the need to make modern changes for of club development.

Simba Coach Statement (Head Coach Pablo Franco)

Head Coach Pablo Franco, said the squad is ready for the quarter-finals of the Confederations Cup Africa to be played tomorrow at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium at 1pm.

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Simba Head Coach Pablo Franco

Pablo said he believed the condition of the stadium would be beneficial to us given the permission given to us by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to fill it and we would use it as a benefit to us.

He said he knows the enthusiasm of Tanzanians to want to see the team reach the semi-finals after more than 20 years where we are now ready to give them that happiness.

“We are playing for a place in the semi-finals, not points, so we will make sure we use the opportunities we get to finish the game at home.

“As for the squad, we are ready, we have practiced and the players are in good shape. We know Tanzanians need to see the team reach the semi-finals after a long hiatus and we will make sure we achieve that.

“This is a knockout match we don’t need points. We need a lot of capital at home so we have to use the opportunities we get to put ourselves in a good position for the replay, ”said Pablo.

Mzamiru: Players we have a ‘ghost’ to reach the Semi-Finals

Midfielder Mzamiru Yassin, has made it clear that the mission of all the players is to make sure we give the Orlando Pirates a place in the Semi-Finals of the Confederations Cup Africa.

Midfielder Mzamiru Yassin

Mzamiru said we have reached the quarter-finals three times but we will not reach half so this time the goal is to make sure we cross.

Mzamiru added that while they are in camp to practice their talks are to encourage each other to make sure they fight to cross this stage.

The midfielder has gone further and said that a large percentage of the players in the squad were present when we reached the quarter-finals so the current goal is to reach the semi-finals.

“Most of us were there three times when we reached the quarter-finals but we have never reached the semi-finals, this is our time everyone is ready. We ourselves have high morale and we are ready to achieve our goals, ”said Mzamiru.


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