Tourism officer government Jobs at UTUMISHI. Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) is an independent department established by Section 29 (1) of the Public Service CAP 298 as amended by the Act No. 18 of 2007. PSRS was established to facilitate the recruitment process on behalf of the Government.

Tourism Officer Government Jobs At Utumishi

Tourism officer government Jobs at UTUMISHI

9 Tourism officer government Jobs at UTUMISHI May 2022

Secretariat for Employment in the Public Service on behalf of the Permanent Secretaries of the Ministry, Chief Executives of Independent Departments, Regional Administrative Secretaries, Directors of City / Municipal / City and District Councils welcome job applications from Tanzanians qualified and able to fill the space One thousand nine hundred and four (9) as specified in this announcement.



i. Collect information on new tourist attractions in collaboration with all stakeholders;
ii. Issuing tourism licenses to hotels and tourism agencies;
iii. Collecting and keeping tourist statistics and tourist trips;
iv. Finding and arranging places for tourism studies at home and abroad;
v. Responding to complaints from tourists;
vi. Provide professional advice to stakeholders in the operation of the Tourism Business;
vii. Prepare various inspections of the Tourism Agency;

viii. Analyze tourism and hotel agency projects;
ix. Inspect hotels, lodges and restaurants;
x. Respond to and monitor complaints lodged by tourists;
xi. Collect tourist statistics at the country’s entry / exit points / centers;
xii. Maintaining Records of books / files of the Tourism Library;
xiii. Collect monthly reports of tourists entering the country and income obtained;
xiv. Conduct small surveys “Survey” in National Parks and separate developments to find numbers full of hotels or lodges providing services to tourists;
xv. Close monitoring and collaboration with VETA on the development of training colleges of tourism in the country;
xvi. Coordinate all projects related to the provision of tourism training;
xvii. Prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly reports;
xviii. Closely monitor the progress of the Sector by conducting surveys;
xix. Convening Tourism Facilitation Committee meetings;
xx. Prepare reports and disseminate to members and monitor the implementation of resolutions;
xxi. Through guidelines regarding the “Tourism Facilitation Committee;
xxii. Coordinate activities to design tourist attractions and new trends to promote tourism;
xxiii. Preparing and verifying tourist attractions in the country;
xxiv. Convening awareness meetings / seminars on tourism development;
xxv. Participate in reviewing EIA reports on tourism projects;
xxvi. Collaborate with various environmental organizations / institutions in activities related to tourism and environment; and
xxvii. Collect operating resources from internal and external sources


Applicant with Degree / Diploma in one of the fields of Tourism or Hotel from in Government-recognized colleges.


Based on Government Salary Scales TGS D.

How To Apply

All applications should be sent on the Recruitment Portal via the following address; (This address is also available on the Employment Secretariat website by logging in section
labeled ‘Recruitment Portal’)

Applications submitted outside the order specified in this notice IT WILL NOT BE THOUGHT.


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