20 Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania _ Various Posts


Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania. Yapı Merkezi Tanzania Jobs 2022. Nafasi za kazi Yapı Merkezi Tanzania 2022. Yapı Merkezi Tanzania, founded in 1965, aims “to create and to realize construction projects that will serve humanity by creating happy environments”. Yapı Merkezi realizes projects of universal dimensions and always reaches its targets with the determination to complete every project by delivering products and services on time, within budget and with the specified quality. In realizing these targets, Yapı Merkezi pursues beauty with a passion and always considers aesthetic sense as a bridge of judgement between concept and reality.

Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania
Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania

Yapı Merkezi always considers professional and humanitarian measures as well as technical measures and processes knowledge to be a scale organization in all its activities. Yapı Merkezi is open, transparent, innovative, basing decisions upon knowledge processing and pioneering in all its fields of activity.

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Yapı Merkezi respects the laws, belief, traditions and history of all communities where its activities are located. Yapı Merkezi will be starting the execution of the Makutupora- Itigi- Tabora Section of the SGR Railway Project in Tanzania

20 Job Vacancies at Yapı Merkezi Tanzania Various Posts

The company is looking to hire individuals to fill future vacancies of the Makutupora-Itigi- Tabora SGR line project Lot 3. Read full details from the PDF Document attached below:


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