Call for Sensa Training at Lindi Municipal Council July 2022


Call for Sensa Training at Lindi Municipal Council July 2022. Lindi Municipal Council is one of the oldest cities in Tanzania. It was founded in the 11th century by Arab traders. During the British colonial period, Indian traders lived in many urban areas in East Africa, one of which is Lindi. This name of Lindi means DEEP HOLE, it was established in the 1700s as a port for transporting slaves and ivory.

The slave caravans from Lake Nyasa ended in this port. Until the 1950s, Lindi was a good place for life, starting with the Arabs who lived in the 18th century, followed by the people of the Indian subcontinent, later the Germans came and finally the British. During the first half of the 20th century many attractive houses were built on the shores of Lindi.

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Call for Sensa Training at Lindi Municipal Council July 2022

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The town of Lindi is located at the mouth of the Lukuledi river surrounded by mountains overlooking the Indian Ocean. Mtwara became a city that lost the reputation of Lindi because of having an important port and a good market in the South coast, but still the good reputation of Lindi as an excellent tourism destination continues. Although there are few people who can speak English, most people are kind and willing to help in any way that is needed by foreigners.

Lindi Mjini was an administrative center for the Southern province until 1952 when most of the administrative activities were transferred to Mtwara. The migration was due to the good condition of the port of Mtwara and the environment with good land of Mtwara. The result was poor economic development and low population growth in Lindi town. In 1971, Lindi in the city became the headquarters of administrative and business services, and finally the city began to change very slowly, where in reality the changes could not show a difference in stimulating the growth of economic activities.


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