Simba vs Yanga Ngao ya jamii 2022 | Live Updates

Simba vs Yanga Ngao ya jamii 2022

Simba vs Yanga Ngao ya jamii 2022. Young Africans S.C. is a Tanzanian soccer team founded in 1935 that participates in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League. Nickname ”The People’s Team or Wilderness Team”. It has become champions 27 times in the country and 5 times champions of the East African Kagame Cup.

Simba vs Yanga Ngao ya jamii 2022

Simba vs Yanga Ngao ya jamii 2022
Yanga are defending the title where they were able to win 1-0 against Simba in the game played at Mkapa Stadium. The shooter of the goal when they met a Mkapa Stadium was Fiston Mayele who was able to shoot Aishi Manu

Preparation of the Clubs Towards Ngao ya Jamii 2022

  • Yanga Sports Club preparation

  • Simba Sports Club Preparation

Simba Sports Club is a soccer team with headquarters in Msimbazi street, Kariakoo, in the city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania that participates in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League where it was founded in 1936, first called Eagles and later again called Dar Sunderland

Viingilio ngao ya jamii 2022

Towards the Community Shield game between Yanga and Simba, which is expected to be played at Mkapa Stadium, the entrances have been opened today, August 10, 2022.

The stars who expect to be able to play the game include Aziz KI, Bernard Morrison from Yanga, Nelson Okwa, Victor Ackpan from Simba.

It is 5,000 Tsh per cycle on green and blue seats, on the side of orange seats it is 7,000.
For VIP C, the entrance fee is 15,000, VIP B is 20,000 and VIP A is 30,000.

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