Job Vacancies at Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU) _ BOAT OPERATOR II (1 Post)


Job Vacancies at Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU). The Marine Parks and Reserves Unit was established under the Marine Parks and Reserves (MPRU) Act 29 of 1994. The MPRU is Managed by the Board of Trustees whose role among other things is to oversee management of marine parks and reserves operating under auspice of MPRU, formulating policies on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and related facilities, and advise the responsible Minister (currently the Minister Of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) on approval, revision and amendment of general management plan of any Marine Parks including other legislative matters pertaining to the conservation and Management of Coastal and Marine resources.

Job Vacancies at Marine Parks and Reserves Unit
Job Vacancies at Marine Parks and Reserves Unit

Job Vacancies at Marine Parks and Reserves Unit (MPRU)

On behalf of The Board of Trustees for Marine Parks and Reserves Tanzania, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat invites qualified Tanzanians to fill 1 vacant post mentioned below.




  • To handle and operate boat and all other equipment during operations at sea;
  • To prepare all essential gears on board;
  • To ensure safety of the sea going personnel in the boat;
  • To keep and maintain records in log books/sheets for all boat trips;
  • To participate in all activities required for management of boat equipment,
    service and spare parts;
  • To maintain order and good storage of all appliances required for boat operation
    including sea trails, boat slipways, anchors, ropes, boat house etc.;
  • To prepare fuel for all trips to be made by the boats
  • To maintain constant general service of boats, engines, boat yard and slipway and all other appliances;
  • To prepare monthly report of activity performed;
  • To be in-charge of all sea going trips ; and
  • To perform any other related duties as may be assigned by supervisor

Holder of Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) Plus Certificate in Marine Operations (NTA Level 5), Master Fisherman, Marine Engineering or equivalent qualifications from recognized institution. The candidate must have completed six months course in Marine Rescue and Swimming, Crowd Management and Passenger Safety.



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