Kibaha Education Centre _ Mafunzo ya Bure ya Ujuzi na Ujasiriamali 


Kibaha Education Centre _ Mafunzo ya Bure ya Ujuzi na Ujasiriamali . The Kibaha People’s Development College (KFDC) was established in 1964 as a Farmers Training Center as one of the bodies to implement one of the three main purposes of the establishment of the Kibaha Education Organization which is to deal with the enemy of poverty for citizens from the regions of Tanga, Morogoro, Pwani and Dar es Salaam. In 1975, the name of the College was changed to Kibaha People’s Development College.

Its goals and objectives continued to remain the same to eradicate poverty as well as being the Mother College of Tanzanian People’s Development Colleges. As the Mother College, KFDC, was given the responsibility of teaching new instructors joining the People’s Development Colleges (VMW) the philosophy and methods of teaching an adult. Conducting workshops and seminars for teachers and employees of VMW. Workshops and seminars focused on professional development and better work performance in VMW. In 1992 the College ceased to have the status of being a Mother College.

Kibaha Education Centre
Kibaha Education Centre
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Courses Offered by the College

The college has the capacity to receive a total of 200 students per year. 128 boarding and 72 full-time. The courses offered at KFDC college are as follows:-

  • Field of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Household electrical fan
  • The field of forging and metal fabrication
  • Automotive and mechanical field
  • Construction profession (carpentry, masonry and plumbing)
  • Sewing profession
  • Culinary profession

Kibaha Education Centre _ Mafunzo ya Bure ya Ujuzi na Ujasiriamali 





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