4 Job vacancies at BASATA | Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA)


Job vacancies at BASATA | Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA). The National Arts Council was established under Law No. 23 of 1984 and his improvements no. 5 of 2019. The National Arts Council is a Government Institution which after improvements have opened various opportunities for all Sana In the country.

Job vacancies at BASATA

The National Arts Council is a competent manager and facilitator of quality income and quantity of Art production in the country. The mission of the Arts Council is Facilitating the production, use and participation of the Community in the activities of the best Art.

The responsibilities of the National Arts Council are to inspire, promote the culture of Tanzanian at a high value as well as carrying a guarantee to revive and to promote Art in the country, to advise the Government on matters related to the development of Art in the country, providing advice and technical assistance to artists and Art stakeholders do various studies on issues related to Art.

4 Job vacancies at BASATA | Baraza La Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA)

Secretary of the Secretariat of Public Service Employment on behalf of the Council National Arts welcomes job applications from Tanzanians with qualifications and ability to fill four (4) positions as specified in this announcement.


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