TCU second round multiple selection 2022/23, TCU second round multiple selection pdf, TCU second selection,  The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is a body corporate established on the 1st July 2005, under the Universities Act 2005 (Chapter 346 of the Laws of Tanzania) with mandate to recognise, approve, register and accredit Universities operating in Tanzania, and local or foreign University level programmes being offered by registered higher education institutions. It also coordinates the proper functioning of all university institutions in Tanzania so as to foster a harmonised higher education system in the country.

Tcu Second Round Multiple Selection 2022

TCU second round multiple selection 2022

TCU Multiple selected applicants 2022 Second Round

TCU Selection includes TCU first Selection, Second Selection batch, Third Selection batch, Fourth Selection batch and Multiple Admission Selected Applicants List 2022/2023 through TCU, NACTE, HESLB, TIE Board.

Bachelor’s degree applicants are reminded that all issues regarding admission or self-certification in one college should be submitted directly at the respective colleges. For those who will find it challenging to prove themselves, All colleges have been directed to receive their information and to find a quick solution to comply with established guidelines and procedures.

TCU second round multiple selection 2022/23

TCU second selection. The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has the mandate to release the names of successfully selected applicants offered provisional admission into an institution. Selection lists are usually released by institutions after the conduct of admission screening exercise.

The mandates and core functions of the Commission are provided under section 5(1) of the Universities Act Cap. 346. These functions can be clustered into the following three major areas. Regulatory Function, Advisory Function and Supportive Function

TCU second round multiple selection pdf

Applicants admitted to more than one college in Phase I and Second, they are encouraged to confirm their admission to one of the colleges to begin with on 19 to 25 September, 2022 using a special secret number sent by text message through their phone numbers or e-mails they used during apply for admission.

Those who will not receive the message in time, are advised enter the admission systems of the colleges they were admitted to and apply to be used a short message with a special secret number to be able to verify yourself in the college relevant.

Confirmation of admission is done through the account that the applicant used at the time to apply for admission. List of names of applicants admitted to the college one is posted on the TCU website (


To check the list of Selected Applicant use the links below

  2. UDOM Second selected applicants 2022/23
  3. UDSM Second selected applicants 2022/23
  4. Ardhi University Selected applicants 2022/2023
  5. Water Institute Selected Applicants 2022/23
  6. Mzumbe University selected applicants 2022
  7. KCMC selected applicants 2022/23
  8. IAA selected applicants 2022/23
  9. SJUT selected applicants 2022/23
  10. SUA selected applicants 2022/2023
  11. University of Iringa selected applicants 2022
  12. Mwenge Catholic University Selected students 2022
  13. MUST selected applicants 2022/23
  14. CUHAS – Bugando selected applicants 2022/23
  15. MUCE selected applicants 2022/23
  16. HKMU selected applicants list 2022
  17. SFUCHAS selected applicants 2022/23
  18. MNMA selected applicants 2022/23
  19. DUCE selected applicants 2022/23
  20. NIT selected applicants 2022/2023
  21. KIUT selected applicants 2022/2023
  22. MUHAS selected applicants 2022/2023
  23. TIA selected applicants 2022/23
  24. CBE selected applicants 2022/2023
  25. IFM selected applicants 2022/2023
  26. DIT selected applicants 2022/2023
  27. SAUT DAR ES SALAAM Selected applicants 2022/23
  28. SAUT ARUSHA Selected applicants 2022/23
  29. SAUT MWANZA Selected applicants 2022/2023
  30. SAUT MBEYA Selected applicants 2022/2023
  31. Tumaini University MAKUMIRA selected applicants 2022
  32. TUDARCo selected applicants 2022/23

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