TCU Admission 2022/2023 Now is open | Apply Now


TCU Admission 2022/2023 Now is open | Apply Now, TCU admission requirements 2022. The Tanzania Universities Commission (TCU) would like to inform the public, Institutions of Higher Education and all Higher Education Stakeholders at home and abroad to be following the announcement of the results of the Form Six Examination, Commission has opened the admission application window for Undergraduate applicants starting today on 8/7/2022 instead of the scheduled 15/7/2022. This window will be open until 05/8/2022.

TCU Admission 2022
TCU Admission 2022

The Commission urges all applicants for admission to continue to receive accurate information via the TCU website, the websites of the accredited Undergraduate colleges, as well as various information provided and TCU through the media.

Similarly, the Commission calls on applicants for admissions and the general public attending the 17th Higher Education, Science and Technology Exhibition to be held at Mnazi Mmoja Stadium, Dar es Salaam where they will have the opportunity to meet face to face with the Colleges of Higher Education. Exhibitions will take place from July 18 to July 23, 2022.

TCU Admission 2022/2023 Now is open | Apply Now

Procedure for Submitting Application for Admission for the Academic Year 2022/2023

Applications for Admission to Undergraduate Degree include three groups of applicants:

  1.  Qualified Form Six qualifications;
  2. Qualified Diploma (Ordinary Diploma), or Related qualifications and
  3. Eligible for the Certificate of Open University of Tanzania.

To understand the qualifications for the three categories mentioned above, applicants are instructed to read the criteria indicated in the textbooks TCU (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2022/2023) available on Click hre to get TCU guide book for FORM SIX Holder and Cclick here to get TCU Guide Book for DIPLOMA holder


a) Applications should be sent directly to the colleges where the applicant is applying she has selected and selected her favorite study programs. Guide to approved applications for admission and eligibility criteria (Undergraduate Admission Guidebooks for 2022/2023) available on the TCU website
b) Specific instructions on how to submit applications are provided by colleges.

Open the attached PDF file Below for more Details In Swahili


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