METI Government of JAPAN Internship Program 2024-2025. From the aspect of Japanese companies’ promoting overseas business expansion and creating innovation from a new point of view,  highly-skilled foreign professionals is considered to contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of Japanese companies.

Although the number of Japanese companies planning to hire global talent has increased in recent years, it has not been sufficiently achieved, especially in Small and Medium-Sized companies, due to their shortage on experiences of working with the global talent and lack of networks.

Therefore, “METI Japan Internship Program” will facilitates strengthening the structure for tackling overseas development of Japanese (Small and Medium-Size) companies through accepting global talent.

The Internship will provide opportunities for global talent who want to work in Japanese companies, to understand the job responsibilities in Japan through these internships. In addition, for this year, the internship program plans to support interns even after the internship, providing follow-up support for matching interns for employment after the internship and providing Japanese language training to interns who have been offered jobs at the host company.

Eligibility of METI Government of JAPAN Internship Program 2024

Foreign professionals with advanced skills who are nationals of developing countries (countries on the OECD/DAC list, excluding the People’s Republic of China)
▶ See the list below.

Number of Recruits

  • As a general guideline, about 1 person per company (maximum 60 companies)

Application Deadline: 30 June, 2024 (Sunday)

Internship Placement

In-person internships in Japan: In-person internships will take place at small to medium-sized companies with main business locations in Japan (excluding industry associations, non-profit organizations, and local governments).

Online internships: Online internships will be conducted remotely within the intern’s home workspace under the direction and management of the host company’s activities.

  • Internship destinations are decided after matching by the program(JIP)office and interviews with companies.
  • Applicants are welcome to apply for both internship options.

Application requirements for METI Government of JAPAN Internship Program 2024

Applicants must meet all the following

  • The applicants must agree with the purpose of this project and be able to cooperate with the promotion of globalization of Japanese companies, the expansion of overseas business of companies and the building networks with overseas universities through internships.
  • Holding citizenship of the applicable countries or regions.
  • Proficiency in Japanese language (JLPT level N3 or higher) or proficiency in English.
  • In principle, those who are 18 to 40 years old as of August 1, 2024.
  • Students must be able to submit a certificate of enrollment from their university or other institution and a letter of recommendation from their university or university faculty, etc.
    Graduates must be able to submit a certificate of graduation from their previous university and a letter of recommendation from their university faculty or institution, etc.
  • Those who can submit certificates of various qualifications.
  • Those who can dedicate themselves exclusively to the training and internship at the company; and who can participate in the internship according to the timetable specified by the program office (JIP office).
  • The applicant must meet other specific conditions required by each company.
  • Those who have not participated in this program between FY2016 and FY2023.

Support and Benefits of METI Government of JAPAN Internship Program 2024

  • Pre-training for interns(Training will cover explanations of the business overview, the process of participating in the internship, precautions and key points regarding the internship, as well as information about work eligibility in Japan.)
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa to enter Japan
  • Arrangement of round-trip airline tickets
  • Arrangement of accommodation
  • Provision of necessary personal computers for the internship (for in-person internships, provided by the host company; for online internships, generally provided by the program office upon separate consultation).
  • Activity support funds based on the internship duration (In-person internships, 3,000 yen per day; online internships, equivalent of 1,000 yen per day in local currency).
  • Internship insurance

Expectations and Responsibilities of METI Government of JAPAN Internship Program 2024

  • Develop an internship plan (intern’s role, goal, etc.) through discussions with the internship manager
  • Participate in pre-training, follow-up training, and a wrap-up presentation
  • Ensure personal safety and health management by taking responsibility for tasks such as regularly contacting, reporting to, and consulting with the program office and host company
  • Submit various documents, notifications, reports, etc., before, during, and after the internship
  • Participate in Japanese language classes whenever possible if offered a permanent position at the internship host company
  • Exhibit appropriate behavior as a participant in a project funded by public funds from the Japanese government

How to apply METI JAPAN Internship Program 2024

The program(JIP)office and the company, and the program(JIP)office and the intern, conclude an agreement setting out the rules and obligations regarding the acceptance of the intern and the implementation of the internship.

[METI] Japan Internship Program 2024

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