5 Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro

Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro

Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro, SEGA is a non-profit organization with offices at Mkundi area, Morogoro Municipal, mandated to operate in Tanzania mainland with registration No 00NG/R2/0000232. SEGA’s mission is to educate and equip bright Tanzanian girls with academic, leadership, and business skills to unleash their individual talents and reach their full potential, with a particular focus on vulnerable girls.SEGA programs include; 1) The SEGA Girls’ Secondary School, 2) Post Form Four Scholarship Program, and 3) Msichana wa Kisasa Community Outreach Program.

Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro
Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro

Teachers Job Vacancies at SEGA Females Secondary Morogoro

SEGA offers employees flexible, welcoming, and professional, opportunities for career progression. The staff enjoys benefits such as morning tea, lunch on weekdays, and… and a number of other benefits. (LIST OTHER BENEFITS). (such as? healthcare, competitive pay structure, continued education, the opportunity to learn and improve English language skills, community outreach opportunities, etc.)


The English-Speaking matron will work hand-in-hand with the nurse and prefects to ensure school programs are followed properly by monitoring behavior, health issues, cleanliness and discipline. Specific responsibilities include supervising campus cleaning, including watering gardens at 5:00-6:00 pm and at 6:00-7:30 am; making follow-up on evening sports activities; following up on student use of water in dormitories; ensuring students speak English in the dormitories; report writing on daily occurrences; and supporting student discipline through counseling, mentoring and positive reinforcement.


  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Education or counseling.
  • 5 years of experience working with students, particularly girls, preferred
  • Experience in counseling is a plus
  • Fluent English Speaker preferred
  • Experience working with vulnerable populations preferred
  • Experience, willingness and interest in instilling discipline without use of corporal punishment
  • Ability to work well independently
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to manage, encourage and build the capacity of others
  • Ability to communicate efficiently on email; and use MS Word and Excel


The responsibility of a Sega Girls Secondary School Teacher is to provide quality, participatory, education opportunities for students which build both academic competence and practical skills to assist students to become self-reliant, contributing members of society upon graduation; and contributing to the development of the SEGA Girls School as a quality, financially self-sufficient institution which may serve as a model to others.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education; or Diploma in Teaching
  • Excellent spoken and written English and Swahili
  • Ability to work well independently
  • Experience, willingness and interest in instilling discipline without use of corporal punishment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to manage, encourage and build the capacity of others and to use Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Email


Interested applicants may get detailed Job Description through the following website www.sega.or.tz Please send only a cover letter and CV to recruitment@sega.or.tz by Wednesday 4th of January 2023.

NB: For all the positions, SEGA is looking for a person who is willing and ready to start immediately in January 2023. Females are highly encouraged to apply

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