Match Day: Simba vs Horoya athletic Club | CAF Champion league 2022/23



Simba vs Horoya athletic Club , vs Horoya athletic Club | CAF Champion league 2022/23, In the African Champions League (CAF Champions League), Simba sports club of Tanzania will face the Hooray team on Saturday March 18, 2023. This game will decide the fate of Simba Club, whether it will participate in the quarter finals or not. The last game against Horoya Simba emerged with a one-goal victory at home in Horoyo

Simba vs Horoya athletic Club | CAF Champion league 2022/23

The Simba Club through the club’s spokesman and promoter Ahmed Ally have run their campaign in various places with the slogan that WE WANT THE QUARTER FINALS. The spokesperson of the club has said that “The match is difficult and we must tell each other the truth because it is the biggest championship in Africa that we are participating in. , competitions in which others failed Simba is what we live here. But it’s impossible, we wanted the quarter finals and then someone came to stop us.”- Ahmed Ally.

Viingilio Simba vs Horoya

Simba Club have set up entrances for the game that will be held on Saturday at the Benjamini Mkapa stadium in Dar es Salaam. where through their spokesperson they have run a campaign to motivate the club’s fans to attend the stadium and fill the stadium.

Kikosi cha Simba vs Horoya

Matokeo ya Simba vs Horoya


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