Jezi mpya za simba za CAF 2023


Jezi mpya za simba za CAF, Jezi mpya za simba kimataifa 2023. The Main Sponsors of Simba sports club (M-bet Sports Betting Company) has agreed to put the word ‘Visit Tanzania’ on the chest of Simba jerseys in the African Champions League championship that we have launched yesterday.

According to the rules of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), when it reaches the group stage and continues, there is no chance to put another sponsor’s advertisement on the jersey, so we have decided to stay with M-bet and agree to use Visit Tanzania’ to promote Tourism.

As it is, our jerseys will have our same original color red at home, white away and blue as neutral. The Marketing Director of M-Bet, Alan Mushi has said that they have agreed to put ‘Visit Tanzania’ on their chest because they know the importance of promoting Tourism and it will be beneficial for the whole country.

Jezi mpya za simba za CAF 2023

Jezi mpya za simba za CAF

Picha za simba 2023
Picha za simba
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